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International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)

Tourists Society

       Society works in accordance with the curriculum that includes theoretical and practical classes.
       Theoretical classes include the following themes:


  • terrain orientation;
  • ranging;
  • knotting;
  • work with map;
  • first medical aid.

Operating plan presupposes:

  1. visit to Regional Museum – beginning of October, 2013
  2. visit to Regional Art Museum- mid. of October, 2013
  3. trip to the “Izumrudniy” ski resort for practical training.
  4. practical classes on the territory of “Abylainkit” historical site
  5. practical classes on the “Design of Beach Tourism Plan in the East Kazakhstan Region” theme
  6. trip to the “Ak-Baur” hole, May-June, 2014
  7. trip to Tarkhan open-cast , June, 2014
  8. visit to Hydro Electro Station

Students acquired the following skills at the practical classes:

  • organization of safety equipment by natural obstacle;
  • organization of crossing by a log, using a pole suspended from ropes, to the wading;
  • work with main and auxiliary rope: rope knots;

In accordance with the curriculum, tours around the city, historical and architectural monuments of antiquity and modernity, visiting museums, and architectural sites are organized, as part of work on local history.
On weekends, one-day hiking trips in which students have acquired the skills and learnt the surroundings of their native city were organized.
Goals of the society:

  1. to broad and deep the knowledge of geography, history, biology, life safety, on tourism and orientation, to acquire skills of work with a map, compass, first medical help, survival in extreme conditions, familiarity with the problems of ecology and conservation.
  2. to cultivate love for the native land, respect for the outside world, the ability to cooperate, mutual respect, development of managerial skills..
  3. Physical development in accordance with sports categories of tourism and orientation, participation in tourist meetings, competitions and campaigns, in paramilitary games. Formation of self-reliance and volitional qualities in any environment, in various extreme situations.

Upon completion of training, students should know basic concepts and terms of tourism, the foundations of the topography and orientation, the basics of survival in extreme situations. Also be aware of the first medical help, know the theoretical basis of the knowledge, gained to apply them in practice, know the different ways to overcome natural obstacles, the main historical and geographical information about the native land, should be able to: select, describe and explain the essential concepts of tourism, define the terrain, plan and map of the distance, direction, elevation points, be able to find the necessary objects on the map, on the ground, move on roads, trails and cross-country, hold receptions lanyard, overcome obstacles, to be able to apply the tourist sites correctly, to be able to make out a report hikes and excursions, organize field welfare and distribute products, provide first aid and to transport injured people, live in field conditions, be able to choose the place of lodging, build shelters from scrap materials, mining and kindle a fire and prepare food, collect water, filter dirty water, make observations, experiences, experiments, overcome fear, to be prepared for emergencies, must acquire skills of orientation in nature with a compass, without a compass, with a map, without a map, using the stars and with the help of natural landmarks and day and night, acquire map reading skills of different content, participate in competitions of various levels. The result of the society`s work is comprehensively developed and healthy human.



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