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Week of Science - 2015

Science and Research Decade was held from March, 24 to March, 28, 2015 according to the plan of extra curricula activities. Both faculty and students participated in the events during the decade.

First, second and third year students were supposed to present foreign languages in the form of video on the fifth day of the decade.

The first day of the decade was dedicated to the first round of the Olympiad, a complex test for all courses majoring in “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” and “Translation studies”.  All the teachers from the department were responsible for the first day.

The second round of the Olympiad was held on the second day of the decade. The participants were represented by the students of all courses majoring in “Translation studies”. The round consisted of translation from English into Russian. Teachers assessed accuracy of the translation, the use of all necessary transformation, transmission, stylistic and emotional content of the text.

The third day was dedicated to the second round of the Olympiad for the students majoring from “Foreign languages: two foreign languages”. They were suggested different situations; they were supposed to discuss a certain topic with a partner. The main assessment criteria were the following: grammar, vocabulary, creativity, logical structure of thought.
8 students from “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” participated in the second round. 6 students majoring in “Translation studies” passed the first round of the Olympiad. The results of the second round one can see below. Responsible for the second round tasks were V. Gersonskaya and A. Oskolkova.  

The results of the Olympiad were announced on Thursday.

Besides all the intellectual events students were to make presentations about foreign languages. They were given the assignment in advance. Students presented video presentations (Spanish, Turkish, German, French).

Second year students presented the French language. They made a silent film about Red Riding Hood. Second year student showed the life of a Spaniard in Spanish. The presentation reflected Spanish culture and peculiarities of the Spaniards.  Students, who studied German, presented a short video dedicated to Germany and the German language.  Students, who studied Turkish, performed a sketch “at Turkish lesson”.   First year students were invited to the presentation. The purpose of the event was to introduce foreign languages to the first year students and to help them choose the second language.

During the presentation students who won the Olympiad received certificates and prizes.


According to the Science and Research Decade the following students were chosen to be the winners

The best students majoring in 5В011900 “Foreign languages: two foreign languages”:

  1. 1st place: Galima Smagulova (second year, Kazakhstani program);
  2. 2nd place: Darya Cherkesova (third year, American program);
  3. 3rd place : Victoria Andreeva  (first year, Kazakhstani program).

The best students majoring in 5В011900 “Translation studies”:

  1. 1st place: Angelina Kopteva (second year, American program);
  2. 2nd place: Carzhan Sharapiev (first year, Kazakhstani program);
  3. 3rd place: Anuar Seitkali (third year, Kazakhstani program).

The participant of the Decade were the following: first, second and third year students majoring in “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” and “Translation studies”, and the faculty of Foreign languages department. College students were also invited.

The results should be considered as satisfactory. It is highly recommended to hold such kind of events, to invite schoolchildren to participate in the decade and to invite college students.  



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