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Week of Science and Creativity - 2016

The Week of Science and Creativity is an integral part of the learning process at the university, as it provides students with the opportunity to develop creatively and academically out of training sessions in the classroom.


Foreign Language Department held the Week of Science and Creativity from 14.03.2016 till 18.03.2016 in accordance with the plan of extracurricular activities.

The week was rich in various events such as Olympiad, workshop, intellectual games, creative activities, in which students had to study in depth the culture of peoples, whose languages they learn as second foreign language.


The Week of Science and Creativity Opening. Announcement of events within this week to language specialties students of all courses (Translation, Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages)

Intellectual game Jeopardy in English. The game allowed senior students to revive their knowledge on Country Study, and junior students to test their knowledge in this area. The game was attended by students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses. The winner was Victoria Andreeva, 3rd course,  Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages.


First round of the Olympiad for students majoring in Translation. The first round of the Olympiad included a translation from Russian into English. All participants translated proposed texts at a certain time in the appointed rooms. According to results 10 best students from the specialty Translation were selected for the 2nd round:  Dairbaev Damir, Alibekova Raushan, Gaivoronskaya Maria, Tregub Mila, Gorodnicheva Anna, Chaldybaeva Renata, Nurpeisov Kamaliya, Chirtsov Kirill, Bakhaeva Regina, Egorova Tatiana.

Workshop for the students of specialty Foreign Language on the theme ELT Methods.  The workshop consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part included a 30-minute lecture on the topic of the workshop, practical part included a practical work of participants in groups. After a brief lecture on the topic of the workshop the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturer. Then students had to represent part of the lesson on the selected method of teaching English. After the workshop the students were given certificates.


Second round of the Olympiad for students. Students majoring in Translation translated from Russian into English and from English into Russian language both in oral and written forms. Criteria for assessment: degree of semantic proximity to the original text, matching the genre and stylistic translation of the original text, the correct terminology. According to results 5 students were selected to participate in the 3rd round. For the 3rd round participants were given homework - short texts from the works of Abay for translation into English.

Guess the Film game. All lovers of foreign artists’ works and films gathered in the Conference Hall to test their knowledge in this area. According to the results  three pairs of participants were chosen to continue to fight for the first place. Three pairs of students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses took part in this event. The winners have become Alexander Shtykov and Vlada Vasilchenko, Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages. They were awarded with commemorative prizes.


Presentation of the Second Foreign Languages. Students of 2nd,3rd,4th  courses majoring in Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages, Translation and International Relations prepared presentations, staged performances, songs, dances, showing knowledge on the culture of the country of studied language.



Battle of Chorus among students studying English, Spanish, Turkish, German, French.   Each chorus sang 2 song and after the performance the jury assessed the participants due to criteria for assessment.  The jury consisted of: Galina Menzyuk, Dean, Business, Law and Pedagogy Department; Anna Alexandrovna Oskolkova, Senior Lecturer, Foreign Languages Department and invited guest, teacher assistant, Jordan Chan.

Solemn Closing of the Week of Science and Creativity. The winners of the Olympiad, the participants of the Battle of Chorus were awarded with certificates and prizes.

Smagina A.V.
Foreign Languages Department teacher



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