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Week of Science -2015

Scientific and Research Decade is a good chance to show your creativeness and skills, to get actualized as a young scientist and researcher. Students of “Pedagogy and Psychology” department were lucky to have such chance from April, 31 to March, 5, 2015.

During the Decade each major organized and conducted a series of fun activities aimed at popularizing science among students of KAFU.   Unusual events along with high activity organizers and participants, the interaction of students of different specialties are the main components of the Decade and creativity among the specialties of our department. The specifics of their activities was multilinguism, cooperation with school organizations, and outsourcing experts and observers. Due to the close-knit working all specialties managed to conduct the planned events which became  a model of high quality and organizational abilities of both students and teachers of the department.

The official opening of the Decade was a bright event, main part of which is creative numbers and unusual presentation. In the days that followed were conducted activities such as:

  • The "Skilful Hands" creative workshop, organized on the basis of domestic clubs "Gaydarovec", which was attended by 2nd year students majoring in "Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education" and primary school pupils in the city;
  • Puppet theater prepared by 3-year students majoring in "Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education". Students presented the audience a theatrical production of "In a fairy tale", inspired by the tales of P. Bazhov that have stimulated the enthusiasm of all the participants of the presentation;
  • Lecturer J. Bayzoldina held a contest "Ustazdykh etken zhalyқpas", furthermore,  students of the "Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education" specialty with the state language participated in an entertaining game "Oyna da cul" throughout the week;
  • Already traditional "What? Where? When? " game, conducted by the students of the  "Psychology" major . The faculty played against the students. This time luck was on the side of the students;
  • "Give Me Happiness" psychological training, , also conducted for the "Psychology" students, the coach was a practicing psychologist, Svetlana Nakaznenko. Students received a lot of interesting, informative information, a positive charge and got acquainted with the work of the coach-psychologist;
  • "On the question of the conflict" master-class.  The speaker was the American psychologist Kaitlin Deanne Pearson. The participants were 2nd and 3rd year students majoring in "Psychology";
  • Seminars on: "Modern book business: the crisis or anti-crisis?" And "Literary Prize of Russia" was conducted by teachers of "Russian language and literature", also different activities were carried out such as: "The competition of students’ essays",”Why is KAFU called a free University?"," "Festival of Russian documentary films about the life and works of prominent Russian writers and artists" and "virtual exhibition of books leading Kazakh and Russian publishing houses";
  • Students of the "Kazakh language and literature" major organized an event called "Syr suchbat" with a guest, PhD, associate professor, scientist B. Biyarov. Students had a great opportunity to take a live interview with a legend of our city and region;
  • Lecturer N.K.Turgumbaeva held memorable master class on "Essay zhazu onau ma?" for students and teachers of the department;
  • the "Physical Culture and Sport" major organized the national open championship game "Togyzkumalak." The championship had 5 teams: team "School №16», "School №33», KAFU college and University;
  • there was an open lesson, a  competition among 1-4 year students of  "PCaS" on "Journey into a Sport’s world"

The climax was the convincing victory of "Pedagogy and Psychology" faculty in volleyball among faculty members of KAFU organized by the faculty of "Physical culture and sport".

The result was the closing of all activities of the Decade of the "Pedagogy and Psychology" Department, which was a real holiday concert. There were numbers shown by talented students, presentations on the results of the events. The most solemn and exciting moment, of course, was the awarding of the winners and active participants in the activities.



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