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Science and arts week - 2018

Week of Science and Creativity

Pedagogy and Psychology Department




10.00 – 11.00 - in the assembly hall, the inauguration of the Week of Science and Creativity of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the KAFU was held. The opening ceremony was attended by students, teachers, presentations of specialties of the department were presented, musical numbers were shown. After the traditional opening of the "Week of Science and Creativity", a series of bright events and grandiose events followed.

11.00–12.00 -  "Psychology" major held an intellectual game "What? Where? When?". The goal of the game is to activate the intellectual activity of students 1-4 years. The game involves questions from different areas of psychological science, concerning psychological phenomena, psychological features of age and mental pathology.

Students were noted for morale, interest, emotional involvement and excitement. The game was attended by a team of teachers and two teams of students 2-4 courses in the major "Psychology". In the course of the stubborn struggle, the team of students won with a score of 6: 5. At the end of the game, the two best questions of teachers were identified.

12.00-14.00 - among the students of the major "Psychology" a training was conducted on the topic "Ruhani alemindi tanu". In the training process, the methods of bodily orientation were applied. Also, there was music therapy and various exercises.

12.30-14.00 - Training "Activation of creative thinking through right hemispheric drawing". Students of the major "Psychology" took part in the training.

Technology, which includes the creative part of the brain was used here. With an increase in activity in the right hemisphere and balancing it with the level of the left hemisphere, the brain productivity increases, the speed of decision-making increases, the mode of inspiration and inspiration, inner calmness, harmony manifests itself in all areas of activity, which at times improves the quality of life of a person.

During the training, exercises were conducted aimed at including the right hemisphere, as well as activating creative abilities through right hemispheric drawing.

13.00 – 14.00 - was organized and held a round table "Polylactic education in an elementary school" within the framework of the "Roadmap for the development of trilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2020" among the students of the major "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education". During this event, future primary school teachers shared their views on the multilingual education in primary school.


09.00-10.00 - an intra-university Russian language Olympiad for 1st-year students with the state language of instruction was conducted. The Olympiad was held within the framework of the study of the discipline "Russian language", and also aims to popularize the "Roadmap for the development of trilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2020".

The Olympics took place in two rounds. To participate in the first round, all students were asked to take a test, as well as answer questions about word formation. In the second round it was suggested to explain the phrase to choose from and show which speech syntagma it is best used for.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the following students took prizes:

Nuymeri Erasyl (major "Customs") - 1 place

Zhumsap Akerke (major "Kazakh language and literature") - 2 nd place

Zhanelyeva Kamshat (major "Accounting and Audit") - 3 place

10.00 – 12.00 - In the framework of the project "Uly dala jastaras" of the program "Ruhani zhanyrou" a student club "Teacher of a new formation" was opened on the basis of the "Pedagogy and Psychology" department. The teacher of the new formation is a spiritually developed, creative person, possessing the ability to reflect, professional skills, pedagogical gift and the desire for a new one. Only such an educator can solve the tasks of the updated content.

According to the plan of the club, February 27, 2018. teachers of the "School-Lyceum № 3 named. Shokan Ualikhanov "Onbaeva Sveta Shaimuratovna and Bakiyanova Bakyt Zheniskhanovna held a master class on" Organization of educational activities in the framework of the updated content of education. " Teachers demonstrated to students the practical application of updated standards. The presented presentation revealed the essence of the renewed education, and the practical task made it possible to understand the difference between traditional assessment and evaluation by criteria.

11.00 – 12.00 -  master class "International standards of working with children in contact with the law" Irina I. Matskevich, Ph.D., professor, national consultant of the project "Strengthening the justice system for children and protecting their rights" of the UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund.

During the master class, the situation of children in contact with the law in the Republic of Kazakhstan was discussed. The participants got acquainted with the international standards of improving the situation of children, working with them, guarantees of socio-psychological services, forms of work.

During the practical part, participants analyzed typical practical situations and examples with the application of case management, models of restorative socio-psychological practice for children and families.

13.00-14.00 - "The transition to the Latin schedule for the Kazakh language is one of the measures to improve the competitiveness of Kazakhstanis in the context of globalization." This is the opinion of the participants of the essay contest on the topic "Zhadu tagdyry - ult tagdyry", which was held among students of the major "Kazakh language and literature". Following the results of the competition, the following students were noted: Jamsap Akerke, Dauren Ayan, Amantya Esengul, Manapova Altynay, Zaityn Kirmzyzy. The peculiarity of this event is that the essay touches on the topic of today's transition to the Latin script and is written in Latin script.

14.00-16.00 - the training "Use of methods of bodily-oriented therapy in work with the achievement of goals" was held. The training host was Efremova Olga who is a body-oriented therapist, art therapist.

The purpose of the training was to use methods of bodily-oriented therapy as a tool in working with setting and achieving goals. The methodological basis of the training was the theory of "motor fields" of D.Baudell, the founder of biosynthesis.

The training offered "field of flexion", "field of extention", "field of attraction", "field of opposition", "activation field", "absorption field", "rotation field", "sewage field".

Participants of the training were students of the major "Psychology", "Management".

14.00-15.00 - an Olympiad on the Kazakh language and literature was held to identify the connoisseur of the native language and literature among the students of the major "Kazakh language and literature". This event was held in the testing format and gave an opportunity to objectively assess the knowledge of 1-3 year students.


   9.00-10.00 - the training "Сергіту мен серпініс" was held among students on the major "Psychology", "Kazakh language and literature", "Pedagogy and methods of primary education". The purpose of the training was the development of the personality through relaxation techniques. The art-therapeutic approach was used in the work, various relaxing and mobile exercises were applied. Students after the training noted lightness, energy and energy.

9.00-10.00 - students of the 1st year of the "Journalism" major conducted an interactive event on the topic "Features of work on the journalist's dictation", where students of the major competed with each other in the pronunciation of difficult and cheerful tongue twisters in Russian. This fascinating activity helped not only to improve the diction of future journalists, but also gave the opportunity to "stay in the spotlight" in front of the camera lens, reading tongue twisters.

13.00-14.00 - the contest of expressive reading "Aстана - айбыным менің" was held. The competition held within the framework of the Week of Science and Creativity was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the capital of our homeland. This event was held in two categories - poems of famous akyns and a poem of his own composition. The participants read works by such poets as Kalkaman Sarin, Gulnar Salykbai, Azhar Yerbolgan, Erlan Zhunis. As young poets were especially noted following students - Avilkhan Huanggan, Dauren Ayan, Asetkyzy Ayganym, Zhamsap Akerke, Zaityn Karmyzy, Rakhmetoldinova Balzhan, Idayatuly Kashap, Manapova Altynay.

14.00-15.00 - the master class "Emotional Intelligence" was held. Master class hosted the leading gestalt therapist Rybalkina Svetlana.

The aim of the master class was to introduce the concept of "emotional intelligence", the components of this concept (awareness of one's feelings and interlocutor, the management of one's own feelings and the atmosphere of contact). The "Scale of emotional states", "Strategies for neutralizing emotions", "Technique of emotional freedom" were used.

The master class passed emotionally, there was an interest in recognition and management of emotions. Students actively joined in discussions, met with different and very uneasy emotions for themselves. There were discoveries that the same emotions can be both constructive and destructive.

14.00-15.00 - the Olympiad on discipline "Theory and methodology of a selected sport" was held among students of the major "Physical Culture and Sport".

According to the results of the Olympiad, the following students took prizes:

1 place - Sytnik Victor, 3 year;

2 place - Ermolov George, 2 year;

3 place - Kharitonova Veta, 2 year.

14.00-16.00 – the teachers of “School-Lyceum № 3 named after Shokan Ualikhanov” of the akimat of Ust-Kamenogorsk - Elemasova Aigul Oralkanovna, Moldirahmetova Nazira Turysbekovna, Zhagykpanova Mayra Daukenovna held a master class for students and teachers of the university" Modern lesson in the conditions of the renewed education system ".

 During this event, they were introduced to the changes in the textbooks, and also explained how to correctly plan a lesson according to the updated standards.

15.00-17.00 - a master class "Methods of Art therapy in work with psychosomatics" was held. Master class hosted the leading art therapist Olga Efremova.

The aim of the master class was to get acquainted with the methods of art therapy, as a tool in dealing with psychosomatic symptoms.

The exercises "Human figure, study of a symptom on the human body", "Symptom field", "Resource for a symptom" were conducted. Students enthusiastically participated in the exercises, actively included in the discussion of the problems mentioned.


11.00-12.00 - the master class "Life Scripts" was held. The host was Kukina Julia, candidate of psychology, the head of the department at the National Center of Qualifications Improvement “Orleu” in the East Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the master class was to consider the features of the formation of life scenarios.

The participants had the following tasks:

- actualize the knowledge of the psychological foundations of the phenomenon "scenario";

- intensify activities to understand their own life scenarios;

- to promote further self-education on the topic.

The following techniques were used: discussion, consideration of an individual case, visualization "Road", art technique "Path".

Students of the Psychology major took part in the master class.

11.00-17.00 - a regional contest of presentations on the topic “Journey through the native land" was held among high school students, grades 9 through 11, and freshmen university students. The participants came from different places in East Kazakhstan region: Ridder, Semey, Katon-Karagai, Kurchum. The main objectives of the competition is the development of local history education, as well as the promotion of the priorities of regional education and regional culture.

Twenty four students took part in the competition. Everyone attempted to present the best wonders the nature of their native land. In their presentations students used colorful photos of local natural attractions and interesting facts about their area. They also included facts about famous outstanding people who contributed to the development of their native land.

12.00-14.00 - the “Causal Intelligence” games were held led by gestalt therapist Svetlana Rybalkina.

The causal intellect is the culture of managing one's reality. Each of us makes some goals and the path to these goals is very twisting. The game helps to realize how you can build your way to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

The tasks of the master class are to introduce students to one of the forms of group work, which is game therapy, and to develop awareness and responsibility for their own way of life.

14.00-16.00 - the competition “Student of the Year – 2018” was held among the students of the 1st through the 3rd year among the Elementary Teacher majors.

Nomination "Creative student" 1st year student Bulgunova Diana

Nomination "Educated student" 1st year student Kazybaeva Tolhanai

Nomination "Eight-wheeled, one mystery" 3rd year student Adilbekova Zhaidary

Nomination “Art of Beauty” 3rd year student Kizatova Nazerke

Nomination "Student of the Year" 3rd year student Құmalқanova Ayimgul.

17:30-20:00 - competitions in volleyball between the faculty and students of the KAFU took place in the gym of the Kazakh-American Free University. In a tight struggle, the faculty team won. The competitions were held during the week of science and creativity at the department of "Pedagogy and Psychology".




10.00-11.00 - master class "I - We - Balance in Family Relationships", by leading gestalt therapist Mersiyanova Angelika (Krasnoyarsk).

The goal of the master class is to acquaint the students with the systematic approach to family therapies.

The participants had the following tasks:

- Discussion of the words "I" and "We";

- getting a sensual experience through this assignment;

- getting acquainted with the model "I-We" and "Dependency – Counter-dependency".

The following activities were used: "Work in threes - husband, wife and We system"; experiments with different configurations, which give rise to the emotions of the members of the system.

Students majoring in “Psychology” took part in the master class.

   11.00-13.30 – In the framework of the subproject called "The Youth of the Great Steppe" of the national "Spiritual Renaissance" program special training was organized called “Ethno Cultural Competence and Tolerance”. The training was conducted by the senior lecturer of the Department of "Pedagogics and psychology" Vdovina E.N.

The goal of the training was the formation of ethno-cultural competence, the development of ethnic tolerance, helping the participants to identify and further develop their national identity. The training had a very productive and positive atmosphere - a students gained a lot of interesting and meaningful information.

13.00-14.00 - "Kazakh language and Literature" students conducted a workshop on the basics of conservation and popularization of national traditions, customs and literature. The literary-dramatic plays "Caravan of Literature" included the story of the distinct epochs of the history of the Kazakh people in literary works.

14.00-15.00 - The competition "The best in the major" was held for students of "Physical culture and sport".

The goal of the competition:

Promoting creativity and self-education, identification of the best students in the majors specialties, creation of a competitive environment in the university.


- promotion of education as from one of the main principles of self-sufficiency and self-realization;

- Stimulating the curiosity and creativity of students.

As a result of the competition, the best student was chosen to be: Victor Sytnik, 3rd year.

14.00-16.00 the students of the Kazakh-American Free University presented a video under the name "Sacred places of  Kazakhstan". The students of the "Tourism" and "Journalism" majors worked together in making the video. Students in the video are telling about the sacred places, such as Eset Batyr Mausoleum, Aisha bibi mausoleum, Auliyu tree, Hodji Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum, The Sacred Spring-well. They are confident that every Kazakhstani has to learn about the sacred places because it serves as a foundation for the future. Also, along the same line the following activities were held: the seminar on “Coverage of sacred tourism in media” and presentation of the film “Sacred places of Kazakhstan”.

16:00-17:00 – The closing event for the week of creativity and science of the  Department of "Pedagogy and Psychology" was held in the main auditorium, students were invited to participate in the event, awarded with prizes and diplomas, which were prepared by the Steering committee.

Assessing the results of the Week of Creativity and Science, the Steering committee discussed the most effective and the least effective elements of the program, noting the lessons that should be taken into account when organizing the next Week of Creativity and Science. 


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