Work experience and qualifications:

2008 - 2009 - coach and teacher of the boxing team of specialized children's and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

2008 - 2009 - the mine rescuer "Irtysh militarized mine rescue team"

May - September 2009 - Rescuer, USA, Maryland, "Russet pools"

2010 - present - Kazakh-American Free University, department of "Pedagogy and Psychology", senior lecturer.


2004-2008 - EKSU, major 050108 "Physical Culture and Sport"

Academic degree: Bachelor

2008-2010 – master degree in EKSU, major"Physical Culture and Sport"

Academic degree: Master of Arts and Sciences

Additional education, further education

2010 - Master's program. Qualification "Master of Physical Culture and Sport", diploma with honors.

Certificate No. 0130254, advanced training courses for teachers of pedagogical majors in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

JSC National Center for Advanced Studies "ORLEU" (Almaty, 240 hours)

Certificate №0478, training courses

"National Scientific and Practical Center of Physical Culture" (Almaty, 72 hours)

Participation in conferences and seminars

1. Training Seminar "Principles of Leadership" on November 18 and 24, 2010, Certificate No. 15.

2. "Distance educational technologies", 15.11.2010 - 16.03.2011, certificate of reg. No. 136.

3. Participation in intra-university seminars and trainings: 1. Young Congress "International Partnership: Experience and Succession of Generations".

4. "Modernization of interaction in the “school-university "system: methodology and perspectives" conference.

5. Participation in the program "Leadership Academy” November 9 – 22, 2013. Portland, Oregon

6. Participation in the master class "Curricula of the school in the 12-year education system: features of structure and content" Speaker - Benesh N.I. №08, 04/03/2014. KAFU - Ust-Kamenogorsk

7. Training courses for teachers of pedagogical majors in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. JSC "National Center for Advanced Studies" ӨRLEU " (Almaty, 240 hours)

8. Participation in the scientific and practical seminar " Best Standards of Electronic Information of Leading Publishing Houses of the World in the Service Of Science And Education" May 13-15, 2014, Almaty

9. Participation in the seminar "Assessment of effectiveness and ways to improve the educational programs of the university" №1125 May 27, 2014 KAFU. - Ust-Kamenogorsk.

10. Participation in the seminar "Technological Generation and Sustaining Student Attention" No. 1465 27.03. - 2.04.2015 KAFU  Ust-Kamenogorsk.

11. International Scientific Congress "International Partnership: Research, Innovation and Education" September 25-26, 2015

12. Regional seminar dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Abay Kunanbayev November 6, 2015

13. VI International Forum of Young Scientists. Modern scientific directions: from applied research to innovations March 25-31, 2016

14. Regional conference - Innovations in the "School - College - Higher Education" system: problems and trends - March 29, 2016

15. Regional Workshop "Chistyakovski Readings - 2016" April 13, 2016. Innovation of planting crops: water-retaining reagents May 12, 2016.

16. Participation in the seminar October 2015.

17. Participation in the Seminar Students' Practitioners Khasenov S.S. December 2015.

18. Participation in the seminar "Use of modern health-saving technologies when working with university students" Asmolova L.A. (2016)

19. Participation in the seminar "Psychoprophylaxis of emotional burnout in the activity of a university teacher" Vdovina E.N. (2016).

20. Participation in the seminar Edilbaeva G.B. (2016)