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International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)

A. Abdrakhmanova

Ardak Abdrakhmanova

Senior lecturer of the Department


Work experience and qualifications:

·           2012 - present time senior lecturer of the Departmen of Law and International Relations of the KAFU

·         2008 - 2011 Associate Professor of the Department of Law and History of the KAFU

·         2006-2008. - Senior Lecturer of the Department "Law and AAI" KAFU;

·         2001-2006 - Lecturer of the Department of Economics, Law and Information Systems of KAFU;

·         2000-2001 - Head teacher on an educational part in high school named after Sh.Valikhanov;

·      1999-2000 - History teacher in the secondary school named after Sh.Valikhanov. Tarbagatay district, Village Tugil.


·      1982-1992. High school named after Valikhanov Sh. village Priozerny of the Tarbagatay district;

·      1992-1996. East Kazakhstan State University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, major "History"; Qualification - historian, teacher; Academic degree - bachelor of History. Diploma with honors ZhB-1 № 0012367.

·           1996-1999. East-Kazakhstan State University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, major "History"; Academic degree - Master of History (History of Kazakhstan). Diploma of MTB №0000402.

·           2009-2011. Kazakh-American Free University, specialty "Jurisprudence"; Academic degree - bachelor of Jurisprudence.

·           2014-2016. Kazakh-American Free University, major "Jurisprudence"; Academic degree - Master of Law.

Additional Education, Further Training (seminars, trainings)

1. 2003 - 2005 - seminar of the "Young Teacher" of KAFU

2. Certificate: 28.12.2006 - for participation in the Training Seminar on Distance Learning Technologies.

3. Certificate 18.01.2008 master class "Education and Science without Borders: Overview and Presentation of International Educational and Research Programs Abroad" EKSU named after S. Amanzholova.

4. Certificate on professional development program "Quality of Educational Resources of the University: Monitoring, Measurement, Development" No. 103 25.05.2010

5. Participation in the master class within the framework of the Congress "Stress-Resistance as the Basis of the Balance between Career and Health" 15.09.2012.

6. Certificate No. 07 dated April 24, 2013 Introduction to Collaborative Law

7. Certificate No. 3 dated April 16, 2013 "Scientific Knowledge and Myth-Making in Modern Historiography of Kazakhstan”,  held within framework of District Scientific Conference

8. Participation in the master class within the Congress "Determination of Reality as an Aspect of Improving Management Methods" of 27.09.2013. Registration No. 4

9. Certificate for participation in the master class "How to Motivate Students?"  28.03.2014. Registration number 22

10. Certificate for participation in the master class "Advantages and Disadvantages of the Innovative Model of Training (Inverted class) " 25.09.2015. Registration # 47

11. Certificate for participation in 2 Thomson Reuters seminars. From 7/10/2015

12. Certificate for participation in the master class "Comparative and Demographic Studies of the Regions of the Great Altai" of 14.10.2015. Registration number 01

13. Certificate for participation in the master class "Formation of an Effective Team" 29.09.2016.

Consulting Activity

1. Preparation of students for Freight One in discipline "Philosophy" in the state language, KAFU;

2. Consultation of students in writing their theses, scientific articles, KAFU;

3. Advising and judging scientific projects students of "Daryn".

Participation in Conferences

1. International Partnership: Free Education and Scientific Industrial Complex. KAFU, 2006.

2. Globalization of Modern Education: International Experience and Development Prospects. KAFU, 2007.

3. International Partnership: Theory, Practice, Technology. KAFU, 2008.

4. "In Honor of 20th Anniversary of Independence” the roundtable in House of Friendship. 2010.

5. The round table in honor to the 100th anniversary of Kunayev. Technopark Altai, 2012

6. III International Forum of Young Scientists: Modern Scientific Directions: from Applied Research to Innovation. KAFU, 2013.

7. International Scientific Congress: Education and Innovation in the Context of International Partnership. KASU, 2013.

8. Religion and Traditions Against Radicalism. The Republican Conference. EKR, religious agent, 2014

9. Participated in a conference at the Kh. Dosmukhamedov State University, Atyrau

10. Malinev Readings - 2014. III International Scientific and Practical Conference. Ukraine, 2014 year.

11. International Scientific and Practical Conference. The Role of Women in the Development of Modern Science and Education. Minsk, May 17-18, 2016.

The list of the taught subjects: Contemporary History of Kazakhstan, Sociology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Philosophy, History of International Relations in Modern Times, History of International Relations in Modern Times, Geopolitics of the Region of Specialization.

Languages: Russian, English with a dictionary, German with a dictionary.

Received Awards

1 Gratitude from President of KAFU, 2007.

2 Gratitude from President of KAFU, for contribution to the development of university research. In honor of the 15th anniversary of KAFU.

3 Gratitude from President of  KAFU, for his contribution to the development of the scientific creativity of the younger generation and ideas of the state language development. 2011.

4 Gratitude from President of KAFU, for the contribution to the development of teaching and methodological culture of KAFU teachers and the substantive preparation of materials for scientific and methodological seminar "Quality of Educational Resources of the University: Monitoring, Measurement, Development". 2012.

5 Gratitude from President of  KAFU for scientific leadership and support of forming the leaders of a new generation development. 11-12 March 2013

6 Gratitude from akim of the Ust-Kamenogorsk city for contribution to education and long-term work. 2014

7 Gratitude from the national center for qualification improvement "Orleu" NCPD EKR for contribution to solving methodical and practical problems of continuity in the system "School-College-University".

8 ҚАЕУ студенттері арасында құқық пәндері бойынша Олимпиадаға әділқазы мүшесі болып белсенділік танытқаны үшін ҚАЕУ президентінің алғыс хаты. 2016, March.


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