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International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)



Nuriya Zainutdinova,

 Senior Lecturer of the Department

Experience and Qualification:

1974-1978 - Ust-Kamenogorsk Combine of Building Materials, Legal Adviser. Claims-lawsuit work. Resolution of labor conflicts. Appeal on behalf of a legal entity to court.

1978-1980 - Trest Altaysvinetsstroy, Lawyer. Claims-lawsuit work. Debt collection. Resolution of labor conflicts. Consideration of disputes in courts and arbitration.

1980-1995 - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inspector, Deputy Head of Disclosure Economic Crimes Department of Internal Affairs City Department. Disclosure of economic crimes. Management of the department.

1995-1998 - Bodies of EKR Financial Police, Head of Department. Organization work of the Operational Department. Crimes disclosure. Recovery of damage caused. Retired.

1998-2000 - Moscow Academy of Life Sphere and Services (Ust-Kamenogorsk branch), Lecturer.

2000-2003 - Eastern Humanitarian Institute, Lecturer of Special Disciplines.

2004 - present - KAFU, Senior Lecturer of Special Disciplines.


1974-1979 - Sverdlovsk Law Institute, Lawyer.

2012-2014 - KAFU, Master of Laws.

Professional Development:

1.                  2007 - 2008 - Professional development program "Expertise and Actualization of Scientific and Methodological Support of KAFU Educational Process". Under this program, seminars were conducted on the following topics:

·                    "Methodology of Scientific Research in University".

·                    "Requirements for Modern Lesson".

·                    "Basic Forms of Research and Development of Students' Research Interest".

·                    "Main Results of Research in University".

·                    "Using "Case Study" Approach in Learning Process".

·                    "Monitoring Quality of Educational Process".

2.                  Nov. 3 - Dec. 3, 2008 - Professional development seminars "Comparative Legal Analysis of Criminal and Civil Legislation of RK and the USA" with Dr. William Bontrager. Under this topic the following issues are considered:

·                    Development history of criminal and civil legislation of the USA

·                    Consideration features of civil cases in courts of RK and the USA

·                    Consideration features of criminal cases in courts of RK and the USA

·                    Constitutional bases of speech freedom, press, assembly and religion in RK and the USA

·                    Legal situation of convicts in RK and the USA

3.                  Training seminars on the professional development program "Quality of University Educational Resources: Monitoring, Measurement, Development".

4.                  Intra-University seminars and trainings "Management of Education Quality in the University".

5.                  KAFU scientific and methodical seminar "Distance Education Introduction Strategy".

6.                  Sep. 2012 - Master-class "Importance of Social Activity in the Process of Social Transformations".

7.                  Master-class "Ethical Leadership: Personality and Social Transformation".

8.                  Master-class "Scientific Knowledge and Mythmaking in Modern Historiography of Kazakhstan".

9.                  Seminars and trainings "Multilingualism as Resource for Education Development".

10.              Master-class "Reality Determination as an Aspect of Improving Management Practices".

11.              Mar. 28, 2014 - Master-class "How to Motivate Students".

12.              Sep. 2014 - Master-class "International Partnership: Socio-Economic Challenges and Trends".

13.              Sep. 2014 - Master-class "Electoral Law as an Element of Democracy: Experience and Prospects".

14.              Sep. 2014 - Master-class "Realization of the Right to Honor and Dignity in the Modern World".

15.              Apr. 2015 - Seminar "Legal Responsibility of Employer for Violation of Labor Legislation" of Corp. branch office "National Center for Scientific and Technical Information".

16.              Oct. 7, 2015 - Thomson Reuters seminars "How to Find Magazines with Impact Factor for Articles Publication" and "How to Make Articles with EdNote Online Program".

17.              May 13, 2016 - Seminar "Brief Excursion into Research Design for Representatives of Social Sciences".

18.              Jan. 2016 - Seminar "Project of Scientific Cooperation" Personality and Career Development Center.

Participation in Conferences:

·                    Potential of Young Scientists in Implementation of "Breakthrough" projects of Innovation University. Scientific and Practical Conference. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, EKSU, January 2008)

·                    Interethnic and Interfaith Harmony is Basis of Stability in Kazakhstan. International Scientific and Practical Conference. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, EKSU, March 20-21, 2008)

·                    Student Scientific Creativity: Theory, Practice, Technology. International Scientific and Practical Conference. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, KAFU, March 14-15, 2008)

·                    International Partnership: Theory, Practice, Technology. International Scientific and Practical Conference. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, KAFU, September 26-27, 2008)

·                    International Scientific and Practical Conference. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, KAFU, March 2009)

·                    International Scientific and Practical Conference: Innovations in Education: International Partnership and Advanced Technologies. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, October 1, 2009)

·                    International Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Student Scientific Creativity: International Partnership and Advanced Technologies". (April 9-10, 2010)

·                    Seminars and trainings: "Organization of Students' Training Practice in Implementation of Credit  Education System", "Problems of Introduction Distance Learning Elements in Universities (by example of KAFU)", "Conditions for Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation for Lecture Studies in Conditions Of Credit  Education System", etc.

·                    Under Science Week and Creativity in intra-university Olympiad in Scientific and Technical Conference with students' reports. (February 21-26, 2011)

·                    Master-class under "International Partnership: Generations Experience and Continuity" Congress, "Importance of Social Activity in Social Transformation Process".

·                    International Partnership in Congress "International Partnership: Generations Experience and Continuity" with report "Legal Regulation of Surrogate Motherhood Contract in Kazakhstan". (September 12-15, 2012)

·                    International Congress "Modern Scientific Directions: from Applied Research to Innovation". (March 17-20, 2014)

·                    International forum of Young Scientists dedicated to 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan independence. (March 02-12, 2013)

·                    Republican seminar "Integrated Approach for Training Specialists in Protection System of Child Law". (February 2015)

·                    Master-class of JSC branch office "National Center for Scientific and Technical Information" on the topic: "Legal Responsibility of Employer for Labor Legislation Violation". (April 2015)

·                    2 Thomson Reuters seminars: "How to Find Journals with Impact Factor for Articles Publication" and "How to Draw Up Articles with "EdNote Onlain" Program". (October 7, 2015)

·                    Seminar "A Short Excursion into Research Design for Representatives of Social Sciences". (May 13, 2016)

·                    Seminar of Career Development and Personality Center on the topic: "Scientific Cooperation Project". (January 2016)

·                    International Forum of Young Scientists "Modern Scientific Directions: from Applied Research to Innovation". (March 25-31, 2016)

·                    Master-class "Strategy for Critical Thinking Development among Students". (September 29, 2016)

Teaching Disciplines:

Civil Law of RK, Civil Procedural Law of RK, Family and Housing Law, Intellectual Property Law, Notary, Advocacy, Banking Law, Contract Law, Theory and Practice of Civil and Civil Procedural Legislation.


Russian; Tatar; Kazakh; English - with a dictionary.


1.                  Diploma from the Head of Financial Police Department by EKR to the 15th anniversary of RK financial police, 2009.

2.                  Diploma from KAFU President for achieved performance in work, 2007.

3.                  Medal for 10 years of impeccable service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1990 (certificate №28).


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