Restoration of previously expelled students from another university

To apply for recovery, you need:

  1. To read the rules of translation and recovery.
  2. To contact the office of the Registrar (office 413,314) to determine the form of education, course, educational program, language of instruction. Get an Appendix to the application for reinstatement with the Dean's signature and a note from the accounting Department on the prepayment of 10% of the annual cost of training.

      3.   To contact the SSP and apply for recovery.

            To have with you:

Note: If the education document is issued by a foreign organization, it is necessary to pass  the nostrification procedure in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  1. Conclude an agreement in 2 copies
  2. The application review period is 5 working days.
  3. Based on the results of consideration of the application, an order for restoration will be prepared.
  4. After the recovery order is issued, you need: