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Doctorate PhD

General information

Kazakhstan American Free University provides educational services on the PhD on Educational program:

8D04101 «Management»,  8D04201«Jurisprudence».

    In doctoral education on a competitive basis within the framework of the state are accepted people who have an academic degree "Master", who has graduated from the course on scientific and pedagogical direction with scientific achievements (scientific publications, reports and presentations at international and national scientific conferences and others.).Training of scientific and pedagogical staff being awarded in doctorate with awarding the degree of  PhD with the study duration at least for three years. Educational program of PhD has research and teaching focus and involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of the disciplines relevant to the fields of sciences for the system of higher and postgraduate education and research sector.

Educational program

«Business» department

Educational program 8D04101 «Management»

Qualification description: doctoral graduate of major "Management", must know the current trends, trends and patterns of management development as a science in the context of globalization and internationalization;  methodology of scientific knowledge; achievements of the world and Kazakhstan science in management; perfectly foreign language for scientific communication and international cooperation; be able to organize, plan and implement the process of scientific research; analyze, evaluate and compare various theoretical concepts in the field of research and draw conclusions; conduct independent scientific research, academic integrity is characterized on the basis of current theories and methods of analysis; generate their own new scientific ideas, communicate their knowledge and ideas to the scientific community, expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge; plan and predict their further professional development.

Objects of professional activity: Doctoral student, graduated from research and teaching doctoral studies, may engage in research and teaching activities.

«Law and international relations» department

Educational program 8D04201 «Jurisprudence»

Qualification description: doctoral graduate of major 6D030100 – “Jurisprudence” should have an understanding of the values of science, culture, law, order, content, structure, forms of organization, laws governing the process of legal regulation; know the different scientific approaches to legal terminology; methods of conducting independent research; theoretical and methodological aspects of law at an advanced level, innovative methods and techniques of collecting scientific information; know the place of legal science in the development of scientific knowledge; basic standards governing the rules of scientific expertise draft laws and other legislative acts; be able to critically monitor and interpret the theory and practice; explain the results of the study at an advanced level; correlate the conceptual apparatus of legal disciplines with the real facts and phenomena of professional activity; identify problems, object, subject, goals, objectives, scientific research; have the skills to produce an analysis of the status and dynamics of legal phenomena; be competent in the scientific understanding of the problems of offenses; interpretation and application of legal rules and theories in individual cases; distinguish between facts and consequences; be competent in the development, public protection and realization of the project, the research program, the application for scientific or educational grant.

Objects of professional activity: governments, law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, judicial bodies, foreign affairs, as well as commercial and non-profit enterprises, educational, scientific, research and methodological activities.

Documents for entrance

  Persons entering the doctoral program, submit the following documents:

  1. An application to the head of organization;
  2. Originals and copies of documents on higher education;
  3. Certificate of foreign language proficiency (if any);
  4. Personal data sheet and a document confirming work activity (for those with work experience);
  5. Six photos of 3x4 cm;
  6. A medical certificate of form 086-У;
  7. A copy of identification document or a copy of the document confirming name change (if necessary);
  8. A list of research and methodological papers (if any).

Note: Diplomas of foreign educational institutions must be nostrificated.

Саlendar of the applicant

Саlendar of the applicant, 2019




Accepting applications

3 – 25th of July

Entry exams

8 – 16th of August

Admission to the Doctoral PhD programs

before 28th of August

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