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Under-Graduate Programs


General inforamtion

To enter the university school-leavers pass Unified National Test. After graduation from the university students are awarded with Bachelor`s degree (four-years training), and Master`s degree (five/six- years training) There are full-time, part-time, and evening studies at KAFU. KAFU offers shortened educational programs based vocational education and higher education with implementation of technologies of distance education. Enrolment is carried out on a competitive basis. Criterion for enrollment is score, fixed in the Unified National Test Certificate, or Complex Test Certificate. Tests are elaborated by the National Test Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Enrolment at the evening or part-time studies is carried out by the acceptance board of the university, based on the results of comprehensive test (for university entrants, graduated from colleges), and university examination (for university entrants, graduated from universities). Duration of shortened programs for students with university diplomas is 2 years, for students with college diplomas -3years (in case of related majors). If university entrants, graduated from college, choose not related major, time of studies at the full-time program is prolonged up to 4 years, at the evening program up to 5 years.





Business Department

the 6В04101  «Management» major

Job description: Bachelor of Economics and Business can do the fallowing types of professional activity:  managing work, planned-economic work, research work, pedagogical works, commercial work in material production management, and social development.  Bachelor of Economics and Business must be familiar with trends in enterprises and national economy management, understand the nature of occurring problems, know the basis of organization management, perform managerial and administrative functions on high level, have skills of practical tasks and non-standard situations solving under the conditions of dynamic environment, be competent in economic issues and organizational management. 

Objects of professional activity: commercial and non-commercial organizations.

 the 6В04102 «Finances» major

Job description: Bachelor of Economics and Business must be ready to professional activity in the field of  finance and credit system, in general and in its specific areas, according to the specialization, have required knowledge of  money circulation, monetary and credit, and financial spheres on macro and micro level,  have theoretical base and practical skills in finances, money circulation, credits, taxation,  monetary and credit relations, finance and banking work, book-keeping, financial control, analysis of economic activity, and audit, statistics, laws on the major, marketing, and management, economic and mathematic modeling, economic information, computer systems and other subjects. 

Objects of professional activity: state structures, Ministry of Finances of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, national services of Ministries and Agencies, banks, exchange, budget organizations, investment funds, financial structures, tax structures, financial companies, insurance companies, firms, business entity.

 the  6В04101 «Economics» major

Job description:  Bachelor of Economy must have a complex of special theoretical knowledge, and practical skills, for solving economic and organizational problems, information processing, decision making under the conditions of dynamic environment, have theoretical base and practical experience in situation managing, new technologies of gathering, storing and processing information applying, be ready to uncertainty and risk. 

Objects of professional activity: organizations and firms of all types, size, form of property, and category of participants (residents and/or non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan), environment protection and conservancy organizations of different levels, educational institutions (high-schools, colleges), research institutions and organizations.

the 6В04103 «Accounting and Audit» major

Job description:  This major Bachelor must be able to keep financial, economic activity in organization, including:   recording of economical operations, carry on accounting date, analysis and audit of accounting date.

Objects of professional activity:  enterprise property, its obligations, capital and economic activity, causing changes in the content, and place of assets, and sources of their forming,  and also activity of organizations of different branches of economics: state governmental structures (Ministries and agencies, Tax Committee, Statistics Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan): research institutions, organizations and firms of variable legal forms.

 the 6В04105 «State and Local Management» major

Job description: Bachelor of Economics and Business must be aware of theoretical, methodological and organizational basis of state governing in economics, macro-economic process regulation, providing of whole national economy, basis and methods of planned and market national economy issues combination decisions that require attention to the state, branch, and regional interests, basis of structure and foundations of state and general economic structures entities organization. 

Objects of professional activity:  President`s executive personnel office and administration,  Parliament`s executive personnel office, different structural units of the Government, agencies for economy and finances management authorities (Ministries, agencies, etc.), local authority (akimats of regions and cities), executive powers executive personnel office, national, state and private companies, corporations etc.

the 6В11101«Tourism» major

Job description: Bachelor of Tourism must be able to perform the following duties: impartial assessment of tourism contemporary conditions, including material security and people ware,  substantiation of the tourism development forecast, revealing of perspective sectors of tourism development, elaboration and implementation of effective tourist, excursion and hotel services, express tours development with attractive elements and high level of service,  effective collaboration with state and private establishments, tourist firms, agencies, hotels, customs, and tax service, border authorities, structures of domestic affairs, and national security, structures of tourism managing in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. 

Objects of professional activity: state run public authorities, dealing with tourism organization (Ministries, akimats, their regional subdivisions,  and structures); state and private companies, engaged into tourism affairs; tourism consulting companies; marketing services of tourism organizations, tourism infrastructure objects; educational institutions, training specialists in the field of tourism; research organizations, working on the issues of tourism development; advertising agency, promoting tourism services, organization systems of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 the 6В06101 «Information Systems» major

Job description:  Bachelor of Technics and Technology must be able to design different components of information systems, and information systems in general; install, configure and administrate network infrastructure of information systems; design and administrate databases of information systems, provide technical support of information, program, technical and legal systems, and their elements. 

Objects of professional activity: mathematical, information, program, technical and legal support of information systems, and networks, including ways and methods of their design, development, implementation, support and use.

Department of Law and International Relations

the 6В04201 « Jurisprudence» major

Job description:  Bachelor of Law work on realization of legal norms, provide law and order in all spheres of life, securing private and public interests; favor the development of law-based state and civil society; provide ensuring of human rights and freedoms;  extend the sphere of legal influence; improve mechanisms of legal regulation; extend his knowledge and improve professional skills; create legal conscience and legal culture; spread contemporary political and legal ideas; practice law in a correct way. 

Objects of professional activity: law enforcementactivity in socio-economic, and socio-political spheres: events and actions of legal nature; legal relations, occurring in work of state structures; legal relations between juridical entities, individuals.  

 the 6В04202 «Customs Affair » major

Job description:  work is dedicated to the monitoring of law observance in customs,  foreign economy, taxation, currency regulation, improvement of customs law enforcement practice,  development and implementation of prevent measures, providing timely tax payments.  

Objects of professional activity:  state structures, local authorities, Kazakhstan and foreign entities, non-commercial and public organizations. Graduates can work as customs applicants, import managers, customs managers, export managers, specialists in foreign economic activity, international transportations, customs issues, etc.

the 6В03101 «International Relations» major

Job description: Bachelor of Arts must be competent in history, contemporary situation and perspectives; know main concept and terminology of their major; understand nature and social importance of their major, main issues, determining  the field of their work, their interrelations in the system of knowledge;  be able to analyze global process, geopolitical situation, know international issues, relating to the role and place of Kazakhstan on the world arena,  infringing country`s interests;  have skills of applied analyzes and predicting of international political process.  

Objects of professional activity:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international corporations, and organizations, state authorities, connecting with foreign and world politics.


the 6В01402 « Law and Economy» major

Job description: specialist must be familiar with international legal norms and principles,   normative legal ensuring of different organizations, object and methods of psychological and pedagogical research, place in providing training and education unity, logic of educational sciences development, relevant fields of pedagogics, law and economy. 

Objects of professional activity: educational institutions, including high-schools, lyceums,colleges, research institutions, further training institutions, publishers, libraries, centers for pedagogical, economic and legal education, educational process at educational institutions

 Foreign Languages Department

the 6В02301 «Translation Studies» major

Job description:  specialist mast make written and oral translation in organizations, connecting with foreign politics, economics, scientific and cultural relations with other countries, in international tourism, analytical agencies.

Objects of professional activity: cultural establishments, international organizations, different analytical agencies, embassies, missions, ministries, tourism agencies, publishers, translation companies, and other organizations and companies.  

the 6В01703 «Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages» major

Job description: Bachelor of educationmust be readyfor educational, research, managing, social, teaching and technological work. According to the world standards, Bachelor must have fundamental basis, be ready for intercultural communication in a foreign language. 

Objects of professional activity: educational establishments of continuous foreign language education; primary, secondary and high school; colleges.

Department of Pedagogics and Psychology

the 6В01301 «Pedagogics and Primary Education» major

Job description: Bachelor of education must be ableto implement theoretical knowledge, have skills in designing educational projects; be competent in setting educational goals, solving pedagogical problems, work for improvement of the level of education.   

Objects of professional activity:  schools, rural schools, high-schools, lyceums.

the 6В03102 «Psychology» major

Job description:  Bachelor of Social Arts must know the aims, methodology, research and practical methods of psychologist`s work, in accordance with the requirements to psychologist`s education; know the main scientific and practical functions of psychology and its appliance in different spheres of life. 

Objects of professional activity: preschools, secondary schools, lyceums, high schools, specialized educational establishments, colleges, research institutions and centers, sport and creative organizations; center for vocational guidance and professional training; city and state social services,  job centers, centers for public opinion and political technologies research; enterprises and businesses; law-enforcement authorities and penitentiary entities, centers for rehabilitation and social adaptation of neglected children and teenagers; communicative process (from interpersonal to macro-social) and psychological problems of interaction between a man and society, a man and nature, a man and technology.


the 6В01701 «the Kazakh Language and Literature» major

Job description: Bachelor of education must be able to compress thoughts in a logical, and persuasive way; be intelligent, know cognitive methods, required for professional work; use methods and means in main subjects of professional work; have skills of autonomies work with literature, new knowledge cognition, technologies implementation, be competent in philology and  pedagogics, have fundamental knowledge on main disciplines. 

Objects of professional activity: secondary schools, colleges, professional schools, high-schools, lyceums, colleges.

the 6В01702 «Russian Language and Literature» major

Job description: Bachelor of education must be able to compress thoughts in a logical, and persuasive way; be intelligent, know cognitive methods, required for professional work; use methods and means in main subjects of professional work; have skills of autonomies work with literature, new knowledge cognition, technologies implementation, be competent in philology and  pedagogics, have fundamental knowledge on main disciplines. 

Objects of professional activity: secondary schools, colleges, professional schools, high-schools, lyceums, colleges.

the 6В01401 «Physical Education and Sport» major

Job description: Bachelor of Education must understand the role of physical education and sport in life and culture of the society, see it as a mean of health promotion,  know goals, aims, means and methods of educational work at the lessons, can plan lessons, methodically correct, manage the process of physical education, have good results in sport, be efficient at work, improve  spare capacities of body with no harm for health and mussels; organize different types of sport activities; plan the development of physical education and sport.

Objects of professional activity: state, public, private organizations; preschools, schools, colleges, high-schools, children sport schools and clubs; firms, state structures, authorities for physical education and sport, research organizations, medical and biological centers for physical and mental health.

 the 6В03201 «Journalism» major

Job description: a bachelor of social knowledge must have the profile-specialized competencies, ensuring his or her relevance to the labor market; understand the social role and social mission of journalism and journalists in a democratic society, functions and principles of mass media in the context of social needs; he or she must be able to navigate in the world's main development trends in the media industry (informative and technological) and in the process of convergence and major innovative practices in the field of mass media

Objects of professional activity: domestic and foreign electronic and print media; domestic and foreign news agencies and news services at the state and independent authorities; domestic and foreign publishing houses and printing facilities; press services of domestic and foreign state, private and public organizations; structures and divisions of public relations in Kazakhstan and abroad; political, sociological and marketing research and consulting organizations in Kazakhstan and foreign countries; advertising agencies; network information structures; entertainment services market.





Documents for enrollment

Applicants (graduated from school) apply the following documents:

  • application form;
  • school leaving certificate, enclosure and Unified National Test certificate (originals);
  • 6 photos format: 3 х 4;
  • 086-У health certificate;
  • vaccination certificate (copy);
  • pre-conscription certificate (copy);
  • ID card copy;
  • loose-leaf binder, envelop

Foreign diplomas, school certicates must be nostrified

Applicants (graduated from colleges and higher educational institutions) apply the following documents:

  • application form;
  • original and copy of diploma and enclosure;
  • 6 photos format: 3 х 4;
  • 086-У health certificate;
  • ID card copy;
  • copy of documents, confirming last name change (if necessary);
  • copy of work record book or reference;
  • loose-leaf binder, envelop. 

 Foreign diplomas, school certicates must be nostrified

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Саlendar of the applicant

Саlendar of the applicant, 2019




UNT (Unified National Testing)

Accepting applications for UNT

 1st of April -10th of March

Conducting UNT

20th of June – 5th of July

Those ones who did not participate in the UNT and did not score a threshold score can pass the UNT in August

Accepting applications for UNT

25th of July – 3rd of August

Conducting UNT

 17 – 20th of August

Those ones who did not score a threshold score may be enrolled in the University for full-time tuition on a fee basis until competition. At the end of the first academic period training at the University these people retake UNT

Accepting applications for UNT

 1 – 15th of December

Conducting UNT

 15 – 20th of January

Participation in the competition for a state educational grant at the expense of the Republican budget

Accepting applications for competition

13  - 20th of July


before 1st of August

Participation in the competition for a state educational grant at the expense of the local budget

Accepting applications for competition

 5  - 10th of August


before 15th of August

Creative competition

Accepting applications for creative competition

 20th of June – 7th of July

Creative competition

8 – 13th of July

Special exam Pedagogical Sciences»)

Acceptance of documents and conducting

 20th of June – 14th of August

Admission (baccalaureate)

 10 – 25th of August


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