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Grachova Anna


Grachova AnnaKazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

In summer 2008 the author had participated in internship program, and was an intern in Portland, OR. The fields of interests were HR and marketing. The authour had an idea of what HR is, but, really wanted to know what marketing deals with. Risk-management was also mentioned as one of the interests.

The first 2 weeks were at Intel Corporation. This company produces processors for computers. It is the biggest staff department in OR. There are 44000 people are in OR Intel. There are 4 campuses in Portland. I’ve been to 3 of them.

The mentor’s name was LaTonya. She was an HR business partner. I spent the full day with her. I was at some meetings of the HR department. It was rather difficult to listen to all their abbreviations and acronyms that they used, but with every day I was more able to understand it. My mentor was giving me modules to read and some assignments to do, so I was learning more and more new words and definitions each day. It helped me to feel more comfortable during the meetings. I was able to participate in teleconference and telepresence meetings. Telepresence – is a new way of communication with people from other places. It’s when you sit in front of the screen and can see a person in front of you and talk to him. We were negotiating with Intel’s employees from Arizona. It is a unique tool for communication with employees from different cities, states and countries. So I’ve known what the real HR-person’s job is. There in America HR is very different. And moreover, it’s completely different in corporations such as Intel. People at Intel have their own reward system, retention process, etc. But that was interesting to observe how people work there, to compare our labor codes. So I did a lot of researching and reading during those 2 weeks, but that was very helpful.

My third week started from risk-management at Luis Palau Association. It is a non-profit Christian organization. First half of the day I was being introduced to the staff and then we talked about risk-management and discussed one of their problems they had during last festival. So I got an idea of what is the best way to react when something goes wrong.

The other half of the day was for HR. It was pretty different from Intel, because it’s a smaller non-profit organization. One person does all HR things like resumes, rewards, trainings. I was able to see the documents they use for interviews, questions they ask and information they tell to the employees.

My second day was a marketing day. I had a lot of fun during that day. First, their marketing manager told some theoretical things about banners, flyers and booklets they do. Then we went to the Christian Supply store to see if the banners were put there. Luis Palau Association was preparing for the Portland City Fest. Their manager gave me some Luis Palau’s books and cds they did for different festivals.

Other 2 days I spent with a person who develops logos and packages for different small businesses. I’ve known so much about branding. I’ve been to the printing company and saw many posters they print for Nike and other companies. We went to Vancouver (WA) to show one of the packages to the company that produces headphones. They didn’t like it though. But that was a good opportunity to see how business is done there.

So my experience was wonderful in Portland. I’ve known so many new things and new people. They all were happy to share things they knew. I felt very comfortable on my work places. I will do my best to apply that knowledge here in Kazakhstan. My host family was awesome. We spent a marvelous time together. I appreciate the help of people in Portland who made my staying unforgettable.

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