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E.A. Nabiyev

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 E.A. Nabiyev, A.A. Petrusevich Educating the Younger Generation of Tolerance Culture: Monograph. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2014. - 181 p. (11.3). ISBN 978-601-7334-26-0

The authors of the monograph, Ersain A. Nabiyev, PhD in Education, Professor of Pedagogy and Psychology of Kazakh American Free University, and Arkadiy A.Petrusevich, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Department of Pedagogy of Omsk State Pedagogical University, illuminate theoretical and practice-oriented issues of tolerance education of youth in modern educational institutions.

Special attention is paid to the problems of creating tolerant environment in educational institutions, promoting the development and education of tolerance in younger generation and methods of its formation.

Positive experience of tolerant relations in educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Russia is taken into account in the preparation of this book. This experience is reflected in the annexes to the monograph.

The book can be useful to teachers and administrators of kindergarten, secondary schools, students and teachers of universities and all those who are interested in problems of tolerance education of youth.

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