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G.S. Suyunova

Parent Category: Intellectual Heritage Project Category: 2014y.

G.S. Suyunova. Ontology and Aspectology of Interethnic Communication. Monograph. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2014. - 368 p. (23). ISBN 978-601-7334-21-5


The author of the monograph, Gulnara S. Suyunova, PhD, professor of Russian Language and Literature Department of Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, systematically examines interethnic communication in terms of its ontology and aspectology. In the book she sets out linguistic and philosophical foundations of inter-ethnic communication, shows the value of ethnopsychological factors that promote or hinder its implementation, presents the aspectology of interethnic communication, the specifics of each of the analyzed aspects.

The essences of the phenomenon of interethnic communication, typology of its distinctive features are identified in its comparison with intercultural communication.

The monograph is intended for specialists in the theory of linguistics, intercultural communication, teachers, undergraduates and students of philology.