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A.A. Kaygorodtsev, I.V. Bordiyanu

Parent Category: Intellectual Heritage Project Category: 2016y.

A.A. Kaygorodtsev, I.V. Bordiyanu, Y.S. Sitnikova. Formation of Knowledge Economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Monograph. - Ust-Kamenogorsk. 2016, 90 p. (5,6). ISBN 978-601-7334-79-6


At present, the knowledge economy is one of the most important factors that have a decisive influence on the development of productive forces of society. Effective development of human potential in globalization and openness of global economic space can bring the country to a higher level of development.

Authors of the monograph are Alexander Alexandrovich Kaygorodtsev, PhD in Economic Sciences, professor; Ilona Vladimirovna Bordiyanu, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Business Department of KAFU, Yelena Stanislavovna Sitnikova, PhD in Economic Sciences, associate professor.

Further economic reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan require the transition to new quality of growth in the economic system, associated with the formation of high level of human potential, improved living standards, transition to an effective management strategy for enterprises of all sectors, quality of education improvement and support of high-tech majors in the domestic market.

In Kazakhstan, issues of the efficient use of human potential already got enough coverage in the works of Kazakhstani scientists. At the same time, diversity of the problem, all unexplored questions in need of further scientific theoretical and practical developments, determined the choice of this scientific work’s topic.


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