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Intellectual Heritage Project

D.M. Spector

Parent Category: Intellectual Heritage Project Category: 2016y.

D.M. Spector. At the Roots of History: the Birth of the Ritual: Monography. / Ed. N.V. Guseva. - Ust-Kamenogorsk. 2016. – 186 p. (11,6). ISBN 978-601-7334-86-4 

Research subject is a range of archaic practices, including the initiation, symbolic exchange in its connection with "death" and a mystery of gift. Author, David M. Spector, PhD in Architecture, associate professor of the Architecture Department of the Moscow Architectural Institute, examines such aspects of the research topic as archaic obsession, enthusiasm, and the equivalence of the values ​​and sacred objects, and the first historical product - women. Particular attention is paid to the value of sacred sacrifices, and its equivalence to the sacred (subject), not the exchange subject (with the gods, the dead and so forth.), but the one that inspires "a state of enthusiasm" (hau), and determines the value of the exchanged. With thorough reconstruction sacrifice (initiation), on the one hand, and exogamy, on the other, allow to recreate the logic of the gift which is the substrate of human sociality, embodied in inter-community relationship (exogamy).

Scientific novelty of the study is to prove that the act of sharing "generates added value", transforming the subject (women) from given into the impersonal generic " consumption product " as the first prototype of the goods, in which its ancestral property - utility takes precedence over the singular specificity; moreover such incomprehensible practices (sacrifice, initiation, exogamy, gift), are for the first time disclosed in a single logic in the formation of the historical subject.



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