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N. Guseva (2)

Culture and Problem of Civilizational Choice. Modern Problems and Options for Comprehension: Monograph. / Edited by N. Guseva, Doctor of Philosophy. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2016. - 282 p. (17,6 ISBN 978-601-7334-76-5

In this scientific publication, which is a collective monograph, we consider the basic definitions of culture and civilization as forms of implementation and organization of human society. In the context of this, special attention paid to the analysis of characteristics and prospects of both the civilizational and actual cultural world relations. In addition, how to most adequately implement the necessary processes, important for survival and development of human community. A special place in this monograph occupied by understanding of fact that in all spheres of social existence processes differing from those of civilizational status or the status of cultural ones themselves take place. In this regard, a situation arises that requires a person and society, a choice of position, choice of grounds, choice of ways to solve tasks. This is not a choice of utilitarian type, but choice of existence strategy. That is why the situation of choice requires a deep understanding of real state, real difference and real prospects.

This monograph is recommended for scientific workers, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, students engaged in scientific work in the field of social and human sciences, as well as employees of government and social services, which are directly related to the organization and adjustment of social life. In addition, this monograph can be recommended to anyone who is deeply interested in the problems of understanding and improving social life.


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