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G. Konopyanova

G. Konopyanova, A. Mambetkaziyev. Money, Credit, Banks: Teaching Manual. - Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2016. - 137 p. (8,6 ISBN 978-601-7334-74-1

Purpose of this training manual is to deepen the knowledge on such important sections of "Money, Credit, Banks" discipline as a monetary system, a credit and settlement mechanism, a mechanism for carrying out banking operations (settlement, leasing, factoring, forfeiting), bill circulation.

In training manual based on scientific analysis carried out by the authors, refined the definitions of main financial categories and their interrelations, and generalized the material on issues of monetary relations available in domestic and foreign theory and practice. Much attention is paid to the generalization of Kazakhstan existing experience in monetary and credit relations fields.

Along with systematized theoretical material, the manual contains control questions for each of topics discussed, test tasks for self-control, assignments for practical work, which will allow students to test their theoretical knowledge on the main sections of "Money, Credit, Banks" course.

Manual is intended for students of 5В050900 - "Finance" major, 5В050800 - "Accounting and Audit" major, 5В050700 - "Management" major, 5В050600 - "Economics" major, for studying "Money, Credit, Banks" discipline. Manual is developed taking into account the requirements of State Obligatory Standard of RK Education, professional standards of these majors.


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