Queen of KAFU-2015

This long-awaited annual beauty contest among female students of KAFU took place on March 6, and was dedicated to International Women`s Day.

Here you can get a lot of inspiration, improve your spirits, see fatal beauty or angel-girl in a chick dress. All this is possible only at the contest of youth and perfection, fashion and beauty. Beauty contest is an opportunity for girls to show their elegancy, charisma, grace, charm, attractiveness and perfect physical shape.  

This year, six adorable girls decided to participate in the contest: Yelena Bondar (first-year-student, major: Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education), Yelena Vtyurina (first-year-student, major: Finances), Pana Seytkazina (third-year-student, major: Information Systems),  Yekaterina Sukhova (first-year-student, major: Foreign Language: Two  Foreign Languages (English, German), Kymbat Almatayeva (second-year-student, major: Psychology), Akerke Zhasbolatova (first-year-student, major: Law).

Charming and young, beautiful and fascinating contestants showed their best sides: told about themselves, flashed their knowledge, and impressed everyone by their gowns!

Besides, the girls are of diverse views and many talents; they were able to sign songs, dance proud lezghinka and hot oriental dances, show manual dexterity, playing musical instrument, and also their acting abilities.

In a dramatic struggle, the winner of the “Queen of KAFU – 2015” contest is Yelena Bondar, who enchanted everyone by her rhythmical and graceful dance.

I would like to end with the wonderful words, said by the writer Mikhail Bulgakov: «Terrific! Everyone is charmed, in love and flattened, there are so much skills, charm, and allure!»

Viktoriya Andreeva


Major: Foreign Language:

Two  Foreign Languages (English, German)