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The Foreign Languages Department Week of Science and Creativity was held March 16 - 20. It provided an opportunity for teachers, students and our foreign partners to share discoveries and findings in the field of interactive creativity. The program included academic competitions, contests and artistic projects. This made the week really eventful.

Zhannur Kamzina,

"Foreign Languages" Department


The first round of the Academic Contest was lexical and grammatical test for students of all years of study of the "Foreign language: two foreign languages" and "Translation Studies" majors.

The second round of the Academic Contest was divided into two directions. So, the "Foreign language: two foreign languages" major students were given the task to give an unprepared speech. The students had to express their opinion on a particular topic. The "Translation Studies" students were given the task to make oral and written translations. According to the first round results, the students who got more points in their year of study entered the second round.

The "Foreign language: two foreign languages" major:

1. Alexander Shtykov (1st year)

2. Roman Dzheksenev (1st year)

3. Vladislava Vasilchenko (2nd year)

4. Kseniya Vakhnenko (2nd year)

5. Nataliya Somova (2nd year)

6. Victoriaa Andreyeva (2nd year)

7. Aleksandr Nikipelov (2nd year)

8. Valeriya Bashinskaya (3rd year)

9. Galima Smagulova (3rd year)

10. Olesya Busygina (3rd year)

11. Yekaterina Rybalkina (3rd year)


The "Translation Studies" major:

1. Yaroslava Zaitseva (1st year)

2. Albina Yekimbaeva (1 year)

3. Raushan Alibekova (2nd year)

4. Lina Kalinichenko (2nd year)

5. Yekaterina Yegorova (2nd year)

6. Lyudmila Chudinova (2nd year)

7. Anastasiya Oleynik (3rd year)

8. Anastasiya Nechepurenko (3rd year)

9. Yelena Galaktionova (3rd year)

10. Amina Ilyas (3rd year)

According to the second round results the prize places were given to:

the 1st place was given to Alexander Shtykov and Anastasiya Nechepurenko;

the 2nd place – to Galima Smagulova and Anastasiya Oleynik;

the 3rd place – to Vladislava Vasilchenko and Lina Kalinichenko.

On the second day the "Jeopardy" (or in Russian “Svoya Igra”) intellectual game was held. The game questions are usually in the form of statements where the required word is replaced by a pronoun. The players have to guess what the riddle word is and give an answer. The winners of the game were the following students:

the 1st place was given to Aleksander Nikipelov (2nd year)

the 2nd place – to Aygerim Zhomartova (1st year)

the 3rd place – to Roman Dzheksenev (1st year)

On the third day of the contest the "Guess the melody" game was held. The participants had to choose the category of a song and the desired score, then the melody was played and the participants had to guess it. There were 3 pairs of the participants. They were:

1) Yaroslava Mitchell, an invited foreign teacher, and Anna Smagina, a manager of International Programs Center;

2) Vladislava Vasilchenko, the American program "Foreign language: two foreign languages” major 2nd year student and Serik Muratov, the "International Relations" major 2nd year student;

3) Victoriya Andreyeva, the "Foreign language: two foreign languages" major 2nd year student and Timur Turarov, the American program “Translation Studies" major 2nd year student".

And this pair (Victoriya Andreyeva and Timur Turarov) became the winners of the game.

The fourth day was the presentation concert of second foreign languages. The students had been given the task to prepare a presentation for their second foreign language. The concert was attended by the students studying the Turkish, Spanish and German languages. The students prepared songs and small performances on the foreign languages; demonstrated some customs and traditions of the foreign countries which languages they study. The event was intended to assist the first year students to choose the foreign language to study and to familiarize all the participants with the culture and traditions of these foreign countries.

The final day of the Science and Creativity Week also included a variety of activities. So, at the beginning of the final day the “Choirs Battle" competition was held. This contest was held among the students studying English, Spanish, German and Turkish. The students had to form the choirs in advance and prepare two songs in their foreign language.

The following teachers were invited to be the jury: Irina Fyodorova, Vladimir Yelakov and Patrick Mitchell. The contest was held in two rounds. The jury assessed each choir on the certain criteria. Also, the audience’s votes were considered. In the first round all four choirs sang one song. Only two choirs entered the second round and they were judged for the first place.

Thus, the 1st place was given to the German Choir

and the 2nd place – to the English Choir

After the competition the official closing part of the Foreign Languages Science and Creativity Week took place. All the participants and winners were awarded with certificates, letters of commendation and incentive prizes.

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