KAFU Queen - 2016

April 5, Kazakh American Free University held the annual contest KAFU Queen -  2016.

In the final round 8 participants fought for the title of the most beautiful, talented and intelligent girl of the university:

1.Gurova Victoria (2 course, Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education);

2.Auganbaeva Gauhar (1 course, Finance);

3.Teseleva Daria (1 course, Foreign Language);

4.Sukhova Ekaterina (2 course, Foreign Language);

5.Aiupova Amina (1 course, Foreign Language);

6.Gorshina Kristina (2 course, Foreign Language);

7.Nұrahmanova Ұlzhan (3 course, Jurisprudence);

8.Khudyakova Julia (2 course, Foreign Language).

Participants had to go through several stages of the contest: Defile, Self- Presentation, Homework, Quiz, One and the Same contest, Pot-pourri, etc. All the girls easily coped with offered competitive tasks. Results of the competition were announced at the end of the evening.

The winner of KAFU Queen – 2016 has become Yulia Khudyakova. The winner in the nomination "Miss KAFU" became Gauhar Auganbaeva. Nomination "Miss Charm" went to Kristina Gorshina.