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Peace to the World What Is the Role of Leaders in Creational Process?

This topic was brought during the roundtable discussion with American partners, which completed a three-day program of the International Scientific Conference "Innovative Development: National Priorities and International Experience."

Teachers, students, Master students, PhD students of university and college, as well as guests from EKSU and EKSTU, representatives of government agencies took part in the discussion.

Daniel Bellast, Vice President for International Affairs opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.

“It is very important that today we are talking about the world”, said the moderator of the roundtable Marshall Christensen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of KAFU, president of Co-Serve International. “Each of us is to some extent responsible for the world, and everyone can have a positive impact on the solution of many problems that occur on our planet”.

How can we bring people together to achieve these noble goals? There are core values ​​that unite and strengthen our union. Hospitality, openness, understanding and tolerance.

Aigerim Zhomartova, student of KAFU made a statement about the importance of peace for Kazakhstan in the global context. She reported on Kazakhstan history, which from the very first days of independence, chose the path of nuclear disarmament, harmony and amiability. Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan play major role in this.

Ronnie McKay, teacher of English (Portland, Oregon, the US) talked about hospitality and the role this noble quality plays in the development of neighborship between people in any country. Kazakhstan has a very valuable tradition in that respect.

What is important in order to avoid the danger and the threat of conflict? “The need for openness”, said Rick Coulson, visiting professor from the United States. “Absence of informational transparency is the reason of many crimes”.

“Openness leads to understanding”, said Serik Abilov, Director of International Cooperation Department of KAFU. “Understanding creates tolerance”, complemented Yuliya Novitskaya, head of Foreign Languages Department of KAFU.

Discussion was held by the expert group, which included a number of undergraduates and Master students of KAFU: Kanat Sagidoldin, Maksim Belyayev, Yuliya Larionova, Mariya Grigoryeva.

“Unfortunately, the problem of peaceful coexistence remains one of the most acute today”, stressed KAFU President, member of the Academy Yerezhep Mambetkaziyev. “Once fraternal countries go into conflict, there are terrorist acts in different parts of the world. Our task is to build peace throughout the land. We will make every effort for creating peace in the world today”.









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