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«Kazakhstan-USA: in the name of future generations»

A book "Kazakhstan - USA: in the name of future generations" was published in English, Kazakh and Russian languages in November 2011, not only in Kazakhstan but also in the USA. This monograph is devoted to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 70th anniversary of the KAFU curator, a US citizen Marshall Christensen.

Presentation of the book was held at the International Scientific Congress "International Partnership in shaping generations of leaders of independent Kazakhstan", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic in the presence of more than 20 international partners from the USA, Canada, Ukraine and Russia.

The authors of the book Erezhep Mambetkaziev, Marshall Christensen and Dan Ballast combined 17-years history of representatives of the two continents. Over these years the Republic of Kazakhstan has experienced global changes that have affected all aspects of modern society. Economic and political conditions favor the process of international integration and further development of international relations between countries. These changes ensured the creation of sustainable international partnerships in different areas including education sphere. The example of such model is the Kazakh-American Free University, which tested a number of educational innovations and provided high competitiveness of graduates.

Книга «Казахстан – США: во имя поколений будущего»

Marshall Christensen notes in this book: "The era of globalization, despite all its difficulties and problems brought together humanity in its endeavors for the benefit of people. Innovation century demanded unification of efforts, high professionalism and energy of leaders responsible for the fate of the planet".

This monograph describes the process of creation and formation of Kazakh-American Free University in the memories of its founders and generalizes experience of development, approbation and adoption of different educational programs and scientific projects of KAFU. It also analysis experience of international partnership of Kazakhstan and the USA in formation of leaders generation of XXI century in conditions of modern globalization.

This book will show you:

1. Chronology of main stages of KAFU development;

2. History of the university in memories of its founders;

3. Partnership principles in interviews with Erezhep Mambetkaziev, Marshall Christensen and Dan Ballast ;

4. Statistics of KAFU achievements in numbers and facts;

5. KAFU priorities through evaluation of its graduates, students and foreign partners. 

This book is addressed to both experts in educational sphere and wide range of readers.


Книга «Казахстан – США: во имя поколений будущего»

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