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Results of the Regional Presentation Contest "Tell about Your Teacher-2019»


Do you remember your first teacher? Do you remember the person who influenced your destiny? Who helped you find yourself? These and other questions were answered by the participants of the presentation contest "Tell about Your Teacher", which was held on November 4, 2019 within the framework of the project "Bolashakka Bagdar: Rukhani Zhangyru "(special project "Tugan Zher") at the Kazakh-American Free University.

A teacher is the person who leads a first-grader by the hand with a huge bouquet in a bright wrapper, then teaches him to love and respect knowledge, teaches him to read and write, distinguish good and evil, leads his student through difficulties, helping him to find his way in life.

As part of the regional contest, the library of KAFU hosted an exhibition of scientific and methodological works of university and college teachers, as well as a book exhibition organized in the framework of the program article of the Leader of the nation "Bolashakka Bagdar: Rukhani Zhangyru".

All participants were awarded the certificates for participation in the regional presentation contest "Tell about Your Teacher", and the leaders were granted with thankful letters for the preparation of the participant. The letter of thanks for supporting the ideas of the University in the development of leaders of the new generation was awarded to Daniyar Batinov - 1st year student of the Kazakh-American Free University, who took part in the presentation contests of previous years, where he described his way of entering our University.

After summing up the jury announced the winners:


Kausar Selman (teacher – M. T. Akperdinova) – Gymnasium named after K. Nurgalieva, Buran village

Khanshaiym Sagynganova (teacher - B. M. Nurmukhambetova) – Secondary school of Topkaiyn village

Daria Medvedeva (teacher - R. A. Bokhan) - Secondary school № 2, Ridder

Anastasia Zapuskalova (teacher - Ye.Yu. Byvsheva) - Secondary school № 2, Ridder

2nd place

Mikhail Bugaev (teacher - G. M. Baizhasarova) - Secondary school № 9, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Bektas Shrakhmetov (teacher - M. T. Iskakova) - Secondary comprehensive school № 32, Semey

Aida Zhaylaubaeva (teacher - A. Zh. Zhaylaubaeva) - Uba-Forpost secondary school, Uba-Forpost village

3rd place

Anastasia Klinovitskaya (teacher - A. B. Abylgazinova) - Secondary school № 18, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Daniya Karaguzhina (teacher- Ye. A. Dubrovskaya) - Glubokoye secondary school named after Y. Altynsarin, Glubokoye settlement

Indira Kusainova, Kuralai Raisova (teacher - A. S. Nurmukhambetova) - Secondary school № 45, Ust-Kamenogorsk

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