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KAFU is hosting American students

Within the frameworks of the international partnership agreement the Kazakh-American Free University has been hosting a group of students of from the Department of Nursing of the Northwestern University, Setattle, Washington.

- During the last, fourth year of education, - says Anna Kabardina, International Programs Coordinator at KAFUВ, -  the students in the program should have an internship abroad. Taking into consideration the long-term partnership of the Northwestern University with KAFU, there is no much surprise that Ust-Kamenogorsk was chosen by the American students in the program as a destination for the mandatory internship abroad.

He interns Andrea, Jessica, Brianna, Jelly, Corin, and Daniella have been interns in a city hospital, a cancer clinic, at the boarding home for the elderly, “Zhan Dauren”, and at the regional hospital. The impressions that the interns got from their first days include high professionalism of our medical professionals, the ability to implement medical procedures manually, without using advanced equipment and relying on intuition. They noted that this was unusual for them given that in their country many procedures rely upon high-tech equipment.

In addition to gaining experience in medical clinics of Ust-Kamenogorsk, the American students have been actively interacting with their Kazakhstani peers, conducted guest lectures, and seminars on healthy living.

One of the participants noted: “It is very important to talk about the harms of smoking and alcohol consumption with students because during the college years a lot of habits are being formed and students can be influenced to give preference to those habits which are beneficial rather than harmful for their health.”

- At the present moment Kazakhstan is undergoing a major epidemics of flue. What should be done to avoid flue?

- In the US vaccination is widely popularized to prevent flue. It is mandatory for all categories of population.

During the presentation, the students of KAFU has been very attentive to the lecture made by their American peers. They had a chance to communicate with native speakers and to get a useful lesson on health. For the American students Andrea and Jessica their birthdays occurred during their stay in Kazakhstan. They were congratulated in a Kazakh fashion and in a very friendly and creative way. Our students got a wonderful chance to communicate with the representatives of the Northwestern University, while the most gifted students from the English Language Programs had a chance to gain professional practice as interpreters. Alina Radchenkova, Anastasia Sherbinina, Malik Togusov, Eugenia Nesterova, Amina Ilyas, Anna KolesnichenkoEugenia Dmitriyeva, Dina Sadenova, and other students of KAFU devoted much time to the guests from the US and spent almost all their time next to the visiting students, planning activities for leisure time, familiarizing them with the local culture and attractions.

- Your public transportation works even during heavy snowfalls, - the American students noted in surprise. When it is snowing in Seattle and the snow covers the ground at two inches all public transportation shuts down. This year’s winter is very snowy in our Eastern states. But we told our people in the US, that the snowfall in New York is nothing compared with what we saw in Ust-Kamenogorsk.  



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