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Round Table “Coronavirus Shocks: What Awaits the Global Economy After Pandemic”



On April 16, 2020, as part of KAFU Science and Creativity Week, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Business, Viktoria Nikolaevna Nepshina, together with 2nd and 3rd-year students of the Business and Management direction, held a Round Table on the topic “Coronavirus Shocks: What Awaits the Global Economy After Pandemic”.

The reports presented reflected the current economic situation not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also throughout the world as a whole.

Students of "Tourism" educational program Akerke Askhatkyzy and Sofya Serokhvostova presented their views on the problems of the industry most affected by the pandemic - tourism, and also noted that under the new conditions there is a potential for the growth of domestic tourism in our country.

Representatives of "Finance" education program Gulnara Bukhatanova, Yelizaveta Bratkova, Olga Zhuravleva, Angelina Zhukova talked about such economic shocks as inflation, problems of employment and lower incomes, difficulties in the work of small and medium-sized businesses, and also attracted the attention of listeners to forecasts of socio-economic development in the period of overcoming the crisis.

The Round Table ended with a positive report by Oleg Chuvashov, who urged us not to give up during the period of self-isolation and demonstrated new opportunities to improve the well-being of every citizen of Kazakhstan.

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