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From January 20 to May 23, as a part of celebration, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of KAFU, the “Professor of the Year” contest was held. The contest was held among KAFU professors and consisted of 2 tours.

The first tour was held by the departments (January 20- February 23). Candidates to become this year best professor submitted their documents, confirming their achievements, for consolidation. To take part in the contest, professors needed academic degree, researcher (during the last 3 years), scientific achievements (during the last 3 years), teaching experiment at the university (during the last 3 years), list of research works (done during the last 3 years), research supervision, implementation of innovative teaching techniques, results of students poll, conducted in accordance with norms, elaborated by the Center for Institutional Research.

Documents of first tour winners were referred to board of the contest.

The second tour was held from February 15 to May 23, by special comity. Basing on the documents and results of the demonstration lesson, the comity ranged the applicants and proposed the results for approval on Academic Senate till May 30.

Candidates` results were evaluated by the board of the contest, consisted of highly-qualified KAFU professors, who constantly conduct researchers and engaged in teaching process. There were 6 members of the board of the contest, headed by G. Konopyanova, KAFU vice-president, associate professor, Candidate of Science. University departments provided Administration for Education Quality Monitoring with  excerpts from the departments` minutes for their teachers’ participation. It should be emphasized that all plans of the demonstrative lessons were submitted for consideration in advanced.

The board of the contest analyzed the materials provided, and offered their recommendations to improve teaching process. All teachers and professors were free to visit any lesson during the contest. It was especially useful for skill-sharing, studding latest achievements of pedagogics, psychology and methodology, development of creativity and potential. 

The board of the contest gave freedom to choose any form of the lesson; the only obligatory facto was to use modern approaches.

Professors to take part in the second tour were:

S. Kaygorodtsev (Doctor of Science), R. Chettykbaev (senior teacher, department of business), V. Elakov, V. Gersonskaya (senior teachers, department of foreign languages), D. Kozhuganova (PhD, senior teacher, department of law and international relations), F. Iskenderova (PhD, senior teacher, department of pedagogics and psychology), A. Kosyntseva (senior teacher, department of pedagogics and psychology).

During the contest, lectures, skills building session, and laboratory sessions were held.

F. Iskenderova held her class with second-year students, major – Psychology, theme – Technologies for team-building. During the lesson, student learnt such techniques of teamwork as: brainstorming, strategy influence, technique of effective listening.

D. Kozhuganova presented practical lesson, theme – Lawyer Professional Ethic. She showed professional skills of conducting the lesson. The main aim of the lesson was to develop students` creative abilities, and to provide an opportunity to implement them. The aim was achieved, variability of methods, used during the lesson, such as: round table (give an opportunity to discuss problems), business game (give an opportunity to require and use professional skills), analysis of normative legal documents (give an opportunity to improve professional skills) etc., helped to do that. 

V. Elakov presented lecture on Country study. Lesson was conducted on high teaching level, teacher implemented new techniques. Teacher successfully achieved the aim of the lesson, accurately planed the lesson, brisk up students` activity by means of advanced tasks. Elakov showed competence, and high level of teaching skills.

Laboratory session was held by R. Chettykbaev, theme – Customization of Operating System Kernel and Studding OS Linux. The lesson was organized as a dialog with teacher, all steps were discussed afterword. The lesson started with short quiz on the previous material, and then students were told about new theme and lesson’s aim. After that, students did their laboratory work step by step, guided by the teacher. The lesson ended after discussing results and drawing conclusion. R. Chettykbaev paid special emphases on difficult theoretical aspects. All the process was showed on the screen, everyone had chance to see the work of each student, so all mistakes could be analyzed together.

The board of the contest divided the firs price between V. Elakov, D. Kozhuganiva, and R. Chettykbaev. The winners were presented with certificates and monetary rewards.



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