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Veremenko Anna


Veremenko AnnaKazakhstan-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Internship is very important and integral part of learning. It helps us not only strengthen and develop our professional skills but get a new experience. My internship in the USA gave me an unforgettable experience and made a great contribution in my professional and personal development. And so, my internship was held from 2 to 25 July in Seattle, Washington D.C., one part, “American Cultural Exchange” (A.C.E.) is a non-commercial organization of different language programs for foreign students. Language Schools operate on the basis of three universities in the U.S.: Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, Washington), Montana State University (Bozeman city, Montana) and The University of Rhode Island (Kingston, Rhode Island).

In addition to the mentioned above language courses, the organization is engaged in summer camps and special language school programs. Moreover, they provide a service in organizing group and individual programs, the purpose of which can be not only language studying, but also cultural immersion and obtaining additional professional skills. At this time A.C.E. actively develop another new trend: education abroad. This program helps students to go and study in other countries. The priority area at the moment is Spain. I had my internship directly at the head office, located in the historic district of Seattle, a few blocks from downtown. The internship was held in a very convenient form. During my time in the company, I managed to know all parts of the organization, including one of the language schools, which is based on the Seattle Pacific University.

The greater part of my time I spent in the marketing department, which also comprises the USA department. The main activity of the company is organizing web marketing, and, so-called department «enrollment services» engaged in working with students directly. In the marketing department, apart from acquaintance with the work of the department, I did two small projects.

The first one was a marketing proposal for the market of CIS countries (with a focus on Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine). It was very interesting work for me as that allowed me to improve many of my skills and knowledge that I gained at the university. Moreover, I was very delighted to get such a responsibility, and see that employees are related to my work seriously and take my advice and suggestions.

The second project, which, in fact, was a certain part of the first one, was much less voluminous. This project dealt with web marketing. My goal was to explore the site of the organization, and especially its Russian-language page, identify deficiencies and make suggestions. Moreover, within the framework of this project, I analyzed the company’s "key words" used for the search on the Internet, made some significant changes and made recommendations how to add new ones. In addition to these two departments, I got acquainted with the work of the financial department. When studying this section, I had the opportunity to communicate directly with the financial director of the organization who told me about the financial side of the ACE in detail.

Besides the financial nuances of the company, I learned a lot about the legal field and the matter of company policy in human resource management. It was unique in my experience that I spent a lot of time with managers of the organization. So, I met with the Finance Director and Director of the operating part, and, of course, the president of the organization. President of ACE, David Woodward, gave me a lot of time. He shared his policy of doing business, ideas about leadership, rules of staff selection and motivation and many others. The most important information in my internship I learned from that person.

Besides the meetings in the office, David invited me to lunch in the international business club "Rotary". "Rotary" is the largest and one of the oldest business clubs in the world. It has more than 1.2 million members, and the biggest club is located in Seattle. This is a very prestigious business club whose members are strictly invited there. Members of the Seattle Rotary are such famous people like Bill Gates and his father. At lunch that I was privileged to attend, among other speakers the Mayor made a speech. It was a very bright and informative time in my internship. For three weeks of my practical training besides the main organization, we also visited a number of other companies. So, I went to Microsoft and Amazon.

It was very informative to get acquainted with the activities of such large corporations, to go inside and see where and how it happens. Summer Business Internship Program is not only an improving of professional knowledge and skills, it is also a great cultural experience. We lived in a student dormitory, a large house where ten or twelve students can be accomodated. There were four students from Kazakhstan, three girls from South Korea and a guy from Vietnam. So, we were able to know not only American culture, but also the culture (as well as food and language) of other countries.

2011 year

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