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Davydov Vladimir


Davydov VladimirKazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

In summer 2009 the author had a unique opportunity and honor to visit the summer Leadership Academy in Portland, Oregon. Within the limits of this enterprise all participants took part in different activities starting form analysis of academic principals of leadership through provided trips, having deal with their practical implementation in different companies and organizations, experiencing various psychological tests and activities directed to self-development and self-exploration, leadership potential opening and team-building.

One of the most interesting and exciting trips to organizations was the tour to the Intel Corporation. Company’s huge department including “Intel Museum”, offices and electronic laboratory is built as a single complex near Portland. The “Academy’s representatives” organized a trip to the company’s museum and a meeting with its leading former and current employees. During the first part of tour a group of students experienced the familiarization with the history of information systems, high technology, company’s production process and its conditions, and microprocessors as the company’s leader product in particular.

During the second part of tour students were invited to hear the lecture about company’s leadership policy and after that to participate in the meeting with the prominent former and current representatives of the company in order to share their personal work experience. As it was presented through the lecture – Intel Corporation uses leadership widely. The main accent is made on the “internal leadership education process”: the company is seriously interested in not just using the leadership policy but in its deliberation, understanding and regular accumulation by the employees. Consequently Intel provides regular personnel trainings and experience rising programs where leadership is one of the most important and critical aspects.

After the lecture students met the representatives of the company. The employees presented their own stories, told about their own views on leadership and how all of them were treated by their bosses, what were their relationships with other colleagues, what difficult decisions they had to take and etc. After that the students were allowed to ask any questions according to the theme of discussion to share their thoughts and opinions.

In conclusion the author gained the very useful knowledge and experience about the leadership principals, their real off-the-book existence and practical implementation and manifestation.   

2010 year

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