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Zenovyeva Anna


Zenovyeva AnnaKazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

The author took a part in the International Servant Leadership program 2009 organized by Co-serve International. The goal of this program was to help students from Kazakhstan and Ukraine develops their leadership skills. Focusing on the different values – values of servant leadership helped the students to realize the importance of being a servant leader. Such values as respect, service, сcompassion, trust, valuing people and relationships, integrity are very relevant and helpful for any companies which have people working for. The ISLP students had a chance to visit such great companies. One of those kinds of companies visited by the students during the Servant Leadership Academy 2009 is the Medical Teams International.

Medical Teams International began as a call in the heart of one man in 1979. Ron Post was a businessman who had no medical background. What he did have was a desire to reach out to those in need. Thus, Northwest Medical Teams was born. In 1979, Ron Post watched television reports of mass suffering in Cambodia. He saw thousand of refugees hoping to escape the Khmer Rouge by stumbling across the border into Thailand. Ron had observed that these refugees looked like they were "looking for a quiet place to die. As the picture of a dying Cambodian refugee girl filled his television screen, his compassion turned to determination. His own daughter was near the same age. “What if that refugee were my own child?” Ron thought. Less than a month later, Ron, and 28 other medical volunteers set out to make that difference by providing care for the survivors in Cambodia’s killing fields. Now, Medical Teams International’s work is focused on serving the people stricken by disaster, conflict and poverty all over the world. They work in Africa, East Asia, Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States. They are real Servant Leaders. We were so much impressed by the work of Medical Teams International. They demonstrate compassion and service caring deeply about the dignity of people who suffer in our world. In the first two weeks after earthquake rocked southern Haiti Medical Teams International sent 8 teams with more than 35 doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

Also, Medical Team International organized an exhibit which we visited in Portland. It is called the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit. It is a multi-sensory exhibit that allows people to experience what REAL. LIFE. is like for children and adults affected by disaster, conflict and poverty. There are rooms such as a medical triage clinic at the New Orleans Convention Center after Hurricane Katrina, a Ugandan camp for people displaced by a terrorist group that abducts children and forces them into their “army”, a room with a 25-foot tsunami wave, along with stories and drawings made by children who survived the tsunami. That was an incredible experience for all of us. As for me, it made me thinking of a lack of service and love in our society.  It made me thinking of the possible ways of giving love and service. We will never forget this experience.

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