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Narbutovskikh Dmitry


Narbutovskikh DmitryKazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

Before taking a part in the summer business internship program (SBIP) the author was asked a question: “What exactly do you want to learn from your immersion program” and the answer was: “I would love to know how western business works and how is it to run a company in US”

During orientation the author was thinking that he would work in small company, and didn’t expect that his work place would be a multinational company. In the beginning, the author was confused a little, because working in a big company seemed frustrating to until he started. The expectation of SBIP was totally upgraded and I was really flattered.        

Basically my immersion program took place in Coinstar Corporation, which is international company based in USA. Coinstar Company is a company that based on 4th wall technology of making business.

The 4th wall designates the only place in any store that empty, but everybody gets through it and this place is the entrance

Coinstar is a leading provider of services at the front of retail stores that provide consumers with valuable and convenient products and retailers with increased profit opportunities. Over the last few years, they have added to their portfolio and now provide a variety of products and services including gift cards, prepaid products, skill crane and bulk vending machines, money transfer and DVD rental kiosks. They have also expanded into new channels such as financial institutions and are developing products to meet their needs.

Because of the fact that Coinstar took immersion students first time, they didn’t have a proper program for me. I was involved in business process as if I was an employee, and that was very good for me. To define my needs chief executive Dave Cole set an interview with me and asked me to give an oral presentation in front of Coinstar mangers team, so the could give me assignments that would fit my interests.

When I had the interview with Dave, I sad that I would love to work with a business developer and research teams.

I was given three assignments. First was about developing new business and planning successful future for it in another country. Second was doing some research about a possible partnership with Microplace co. Third was developing advertisement company for coin to cash and coin to prepaid business and accounting expenses and results for it.

During my immersion program I learned few business basics that I had never heard about, and they could be applied in every business no matter what country you are living in. These basics are all about managing a company, treating your employees and customers. A golden rule of managing of company is all about treating your customers, employees and consumers as if they were your family.

During my immersion program I had a lot of activities, such as a few tours to another companies.

DA Davidson is an investment company where I was taught how to invest your funds and make a portfolio of shares.

I had a brief tour on Microsoft campus and dialog with one of IT manager.

I had a tour on Philips with Tom Lyster who is the one of founder of Heartstream Company. Within Heartstream was invented heart restart device and few years ago Heartstream was acquired by Philips.

Not business related tour on Boeing museum was pretty interesting but it was primary about technical staff.

In general I completely satisfied by my SBIP experience and I would love to repeat it again. This immersion program really helped me to understand the way that western business works. My English skills for this month improved a lot more than in university for three years. I really recommend students who have not gone to US by SBIP to use this great opportunity.

2009 year

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