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Pak Yuliya

Some aspects of marketing and publishing in the USA

Pak YuliyaKazakh–American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

The most excited and important part of my internship program this summer was my work experience. I worked for CTI (Christianity Today International organization), in the department of marketing and publishing. Some nice people of CTI offered me my own work place where I used a computer and Internet for research. The Project was on CTI Competitors and organizations that they can cooperate with if they needed in future to do it. Also I evaluated that information of the companies and organizations for the stated parameters. After that task I was offered to search the information and description about the upcoming conferences where CTI could present its services and let people buy their products, but before that I had been researching and learning CTI products to know better what they were doing at all in CTI. I found out that they sell books, CD’s, handbooks, catalogs online and by mail. I saw a huge room downstairs in 2floor building of CTI where they usually kept all of their colored magazines and other products. Those materials were special textbooks, Guide books and handbooks mainly for pastors, church members and executives, representatives and ministries of church, church attorney and so on. On the website of CTI you can find the big bookstore and useful files to download which can help you to learn more and consult about what you mainly need to know. But the only thing which made this organization different from other publishing companies and unique is that CTI is a nonprofit communication ministry because it is committed to careful management of its financial resources in order to operate effectively in a business environment while keeping ministry at its center.  

CTI was my basic and main work experience this summer. But also I had fascinating tours to about four different big companies such as Motorola, McDonald’s, American Express and Service Master. All of these four companies gave me helpful materials about what they were doing to have an idea of their running businesses. Each tour about the company was very interesting especially including the history and running, their core values and mission statement and so on.

At McDonald’s I remembered the days when Karina and I made the meals ourselves in the kitchen. I made a cheese hamburger and Karina did made a big Mac. At Motorola we listened to audit Manager about Motorola company financial situation and its place in the market and also the company itself.

American Express was our first day of starting experience at all in USA for adaptation better. There we noticed how one nice and professional guy in the big team serviced a customer who wanted to know and book a hotel room and the ticket.

Service Master was remembered by me as a very interesting company where Jim Goetz gave us too many information about it and papers about Leaders in running company and being real and good leader. I know those papers will help me soon thus I keep them on my shelves.

As a conclusion I want to mention that CTI communication ministry nowadays could not work well here in Kazakhstan especially in Ust. And also I can give you the reason of my opinion: as far as I know our potential customers and people living in Ust I consider them not to be very connected with the church at all. Because if talking about me as a simple instance I do not usually go to the church each Sunday or Saturday as Americans used to do in US. May be because I do not feel very close connection with our churches or just do not have enough time to do it. But I guess such kind of business and especially nonprofit could not exist long time here even if somebody opens it. Thus way selling different types of useful for this business materials online or by mail is not profitable at current period of time here in Ust. Cause It will not meet the needs and demand in our Kazakhstan market of goods and services of our suppliers and customers. May be in future in 5-7 years the situation can change in Ust and this idea will be the best to open business And run it.

But if talking about running business as Americans do I just admire them. How professional and clear it can be when you exactly understand the business and market needs and the perspectives which you can have in long term or short term period of time. And to use the skills and organization process takes a lot of time to think to make in real life. I was glad to notice certain separation of labor in working process. I believe this thing is useful for manager working, because this type of work does the time economy needed for successful running business and increase the quality and level of doing it. Also people working and cooperating in teams have specific kind and friendly atmosphere to feel better and to high up estimation of doing work together. Thus when you come to work office you feel like coming home to your family and it makes process comfortable. I t is a unique psychological aspect for each manager, I like it. Also I can mention one serious detail: American staff determines your own problems you will never bring to job to prevent distraction from working process and just continue develop your qualification to progress in future for your company. Not all of our Kazakhstan will copy with it.

Now I am very happy I had such a unique opportunity to have business and cultural observation in the USA! Thanks KAFU, SBIP Program and E2 Educational Services for this awesome and amazing summer! Because in Wheaton, Chicago I got valuable work experience.

2008 year

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