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Sychyov Artyom


Sychyov ArtyomUst-Kamenogorsk, Kazakh-American Free University

During the summer of 2005 I had the opportunity to have a professional internship at Brigham Oil and Gas Explorations in Austin, Texas.  In this article I would like to tell you about this company.

Brigham Exploration utilizes 3-D seismic imaging technology to cost effectively finds and develop oil and gas reserves and thus grow shareholder value. The company currently explores and develops oil and gas in onshore United States oil and gas provinces. Integrity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit drive Brigham Exploration's success. Management believes that the company's employees are its most valuable asset, and every individual contributes to the company's success. Compensation of its employees is optimized; utilizing base pay, bonuses, and equity, to align the employees with the company's objectives. Brigham Exploration strives to provide its employees with the tools and the environment to enhance every employee's productivity and performance. Brigham Exploration's management believes that healthy and happy employees are more productive and successful, and as such the company provides a corporate lifestyle with optimal balance between work, family and health. Employees have options to adjust work schedules to enable access to onsite work out facilities and showers during lunch, or before or after work. Brigham strives to provide an open and communicative environment throughout the organization. Employees are knowledgeable of all aspects of the company's business through frequent meetings to update on the company's initiatives, operational and financial progress. Meetings are usually held in informal surrounding in the lunch room. There is no strong hierarchy in the company -every employee can freely access desirable information, come to the CEO office and discuss any questions without problems.

The company's focus on entrepreneurially leveraging technology, particularly 3-D seismic, to find oil and gas and the environment it creates to optimize employee fulfillment and productivity make the company unique among its peers. Brigham Company has very comfortable environment to work in - open communicating process with high level employees, quick decision-making process. The company practices partnership with other companies in owning and operating wells. It's done to spread out and divide risks between partners. Also Brigham spreads risks by drilling many wells to increase chance of success and getting more profits. The company's safety rules are based on recognized safe standards, sate regulations and recommended practices. Every employee is responsible for compliance with all safety and health laws of the company. No employee will knowingly be required to work in unsafe conditions. When job related illnesses or injuries occur the Brigham provides worker's compensation insurance to its employees in the course and scope of performing their jobs. Company management is ultimately relied upon to assure an effective health and safety policy is established, implemented and followed by all employees. It includes development of safe working procedures through training and supervision of the employees.

2005 year

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