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Shishova Maria

Using leadership principles helps to create a high level of service

Shishova MariaKazakh-American Free University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Today for graduated students and future specialists it is very essential to have not only major’s academic knowledge, but also to have some experience in this field. That is why I am very thankful to KAFU for this great opportunity – to practice in business area in the United States of America.

I had my internship at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, in Seattle, state of Washington. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel.... It is the greatest hotel which I have ever been to. It is the only one hotel in North-West that has 5-stars. I say more- it has 5 stars for 23 consecutive years!! This magnificent hotel belongs to the huge Fairmont’s hotel & resort family. It provides the best service in WA. Its regular guests are well-known around the world companies such as Boeing, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Walt Disney. Also many rich people, some governors, and different international associations’ representatives book rooms at this hotel. It is the place for tourists and the families who like to travel and prefer the best service too. In addition to this, some weddings, official meetings, banquets, conferences are prepared and celebrated there.

I spent a few days at each department. I had personal interview with the top managers, among whom were the general manager, financial manager, sales manager, HR manager, conference manager, manager at connections with others Fairmont Hotels. I studied a marketing plan for 2005-2007 years. I studied annual budget and monthly budget.  I assisted people with some of their duties such as to double check rooms, make bed, answer on some guests’ questions, delivery food or drinks, sort out stuff at warehouse, open doors and welcome guests.

Owing to the fact that I observed almost all hotel departments I know now how the hotel system works. I learnt that it is really important to create a good atmosphere and values and always follow them. Another thing was an understanding that team work is more efficient than working alone. The main thing about business was using leadership principles. There are:

-  Companies working in Kazakhstan should work out their proper program including values of company, goal, mission statement;

-  For workers there must be an opportunity to attend personal development trainings, psychological trainings;

-  Managers should work in such a way that supplies their employees with good work conditions and certainty of each worker about his own importance at the common weal;

-  Managers should be closer to their employees in communication and they shouldn’t put obstacles in employees’ way;

-  Employees should relate to their job like opportunity for their self-development, like their chance to develop;

-  Employees must feel freedom for new ideas; they must be always praised and motivated for good work or any ideas;

-  Both managers and employees should always remember about business world’s inconstancy so never stop and be ready for changes; respect and help each other.

Here are the things that I learnt from my business internship. I think these principles are helping to build such great service. I guess an implementation of these leadership principles can improve and create a new level of service in Kazakhstan.

2008 year

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