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Yakutova Anna


Yakutova AnnaKazakh–American Free UniversityUst-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

This summer as a SBIP student 2007 I visited Dalton, Georgia. It was my first time in US. First week and a half we spend working at company named Winter&Scoggins Certified Public Accountants, P.C.  It was very interesting and unique experience for me. I met there a lot of interesting and smart people. And what is the most important thing I noticed - they really love their jobs and do it very professionally. All of them were very nice to us and it was really exiting to talk with them, to learn about their responsibilities in the  company.

The owners of the company Mr. Larry Winter and his partner Mr. David Scoggings. The firm provides services in eight main areas. These are: Strategic planning, Accounting services, Tax services, Business valuation, Management consulting, Insurance Issues, Accounting Systems, Litigation Support.

Mr. Larry E. Winter (CPA, PFS, CVA, and CFE) is a managing partner. He has over 35 years of experience. He is  primarily  responsible for the firm`s strategic planning , accounting, litigation support business valuation practice. Mr. Winter is really smart and interesting person to talk to.

Mr.D.David Scoggins, CPA Has over 20 years of experience in employee benefit plans, corporate and individual tax services, audits and business consulting. He heads firm’s tax and audit services practice.

Winter&Scoggins slogan is ”Information, not just numbers”.  This means that the firm will give to the client  all the information about their financial condition and helps to solve problems. The firm provides their services not only for the other companies, but also for the individuals.

As I mentioned before, all people that are working at Winter& Scoggins are really professional and in love with their jobs. We met  some of them. We talked to Brian Rudnicki, he is computer manager, has a degree in accounting. He is dealing with small business accounting programs: Quick Box and Peach Tree. Sharon Cooper is responsible for tax returns. She has a Bachelor degree in Accounting.  Jessica Crutchfield is an auditor, has a Master degree in Audit.

At Winter&Scoggins we spent some time going over the key points of American Free-enterprise system. Then spent time studying  types of financial statements utilized by American businesses. We utilized a module of PeachTree Accounting software, helping to develop a set of financial statements for a small business.

I also went to Atlanta with Mr. Winter and his assistant Heather Seger for three days. Heather spent 5 years in Russia, so she spoke Russian to us. In Atlanta we spent 2 days at the Georgia State Board of Education learning how the state`s largest department, with a state wide budget of $24 billion, budgets, reviews the efficiency of the monies allocated to various programs, and the financial reporting systems utilized in that regard.

Four days we spent at BB&T bank with Scott Allen.  Scott Allen is a Private banker. He gave a tour of main departments of the bank. We met a lot of people there. Mr. Allen told us about bank`s  main services: banking, Investment, Insurance. We studied the role of personal  financial planning for individuals taking into account banking needs, the investment  market, the personal  risk management needs. Mr. Allen  told us how to protect business, raise your capital, manage your  cash flow, and provide your employees.

Also we spent one day  at the carpet  mill with Andree Hepbern and watched how carpets are made.  The Carpet mill name is J&J/ Invision. We met their owners and saw all kinds of the products- carpets, that factory produces.

For me this trip was a unique possibility to observe American businesses and culture.  The most important part for me was to see how people work as a team and coordinate each other’s job. Another, not less important thing, that I`ve noticed was that people love the job they do. That`s make them more professional and make job easier.   And of course, business in America is built up on client`s wishes.  People are always polite with clients and ready to do all that is possible for the client. I think it plays a very important role in doing good, successful business. 

I think in our country we should pay more attention to  these things to make our businesses more successful especially in small and medium sized businesses. Another thing that is vitally important is government support for the business in our country. This trip and experience that I got, I am sure will help in doing my own business in future.

2008 year

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